Wolf Cut Hairstyle Female (Long Hair Tutorial)

    Wolf Cut Hairstyle Female (Long Hair)
    A Pro Stylist Breaks Down The Wolf Cut | Beauty Home School | Hair.com By L'Oreal

    It’s almost like the messier the better. The wolf cut. We’re looking for sort of that effortless beauty.

    In today’s video, we’ll be going over a shaggy mullet shape, better known online as the wolf cut. I’ll be going over step by step, the cut, the style, the finish, and all the products that I use.

    So let’s get into it.

    Today’s model is Miss Josephine. She’s got some great lengths to work with, zero layers, which that will definitely change with the wolf cut and some dry ends there.

    But let’s get her wet down that we can get right into the haircut.

    Here we go. Now that Josephine is wet down and ready to go, we’re going to start off by using some Miracle Creator Spray. This is a prep spray. It’s a great detangler cutting lotion with a lot of extra benefits in there.

    We’re going to get right into the cutting. We’re going to start right from the fringe.

    So from here, we’re going to comb all of it straight down, pinch it towards the middle, and I’m checking now side beside where it will fall. My goal is around the upper cheekbone level, give yourself a little leeway, because as we know, when hair dries, it tends to shrink up a little bit.

    Right now I’m using my wolf shears here. I’m going to point in towards the center. Once I reach the center, now I’m going to the left side and pointing towards the center until all the hair is gone.

    Now that the length is knocked out, we are now going to soften this up and give it direction, and as you drop, you will notice it starts to swing away from the face automatically.

    And then from here, I will continue taking subsections until the whole entire side is finished. We want to now take that fringe and start blending in a lot of face framing layers.

    So as you can see here, I’m just taking that whole entire section from the corner of the frame, as you can see right there as my guide. I’m going to use that as a reference point, and then I’m going to slide cut from there and scoop out all that weight.

    As we can see here, I’ve got a lot of soft movement around the face, and it carved it out very well. All right, now we’re going to create a baseline. If you notice I’m tilting my shears towards the center, and I’m doing a little bit deeper point cuts here.

    I really want to emphasize softness on the ends, and therefore it adds direction, swinging towards the front. As you can see, now we’re going to layer the interior.

    Wolf Cut Hairstyle Female (Long Hair)

    So from here, I’m elevating it up and just point cutting out all of that. Now we’re going to incorporate that whole entire front side section right there, and I am overdirecting this right to on top of the year. And I’m just cutting all that weight out.

    Now we just follow the exact same thing just on the opposite side here. And the hair is quite long, so I’m just slicing out, sometimes slicing,
    sometimes point cutting to refine.

    Now all we got is the top. Look at all this extra length we got working with. I’m just simply going to get rid of some of that extra weight in one
    go. So from here, I’m just blending in the top layers into the fringe that we created elevating up so from here to slicing out extra hair that’s hanging over.

    And now we go to the side. This technique here is simply an outline for you to take upon yourself and adjust it from here. I’m just flipping
    over the hair and the point cutting out the excess. And there we have it, you can see all the body and movement there. Now we simply do the same thing on the other side.

    And you can really start seeing the shape becomes stronger as we do these refinements. Slice it away. So now we’re going to add a little
    extra layering on the very top. All right, as far as the wet cut goes, we are pretty much finished. I like to just go through it with my hands.

    Check it out. See how it feels.

    Cordless Hair Styling Tools

    So now we prepare for the blowout. We’re going to be using High Amplify Foam Volumizer. I grab a couple golf ball sizes here. Mix
    it together. And I’m just applying as even as I can root to ends. Don’t be put off by the foam part.

    You know, traditionally sometimes foams can be really sticky. This is not the case. This was actually really designed to go in the hair easily and that’s why it’s in foam. And I like to go a step further use my cutting comb to now help distribute the product properly.

    And it’s blow dry time. Let’s get everything else out of the way. I’m right now concentrating on the fringe. So from here, I’m moving the side and the top of the hair away.

    Once you’ve got a rough dry going now, I move above that. And as you can see here, I have a much larger brush here. I’m not really actually trying to blow dry volume from the roots. But I’m more concentrating on smoothing the hair out and just adding a little bit of that, C-bend at the very ends of the hair. Those little flicks are really what’s gonna show this shag out.

    So now we get to the back. And this is where we start to over direct hair. So now we are wanting a little bit of lift at the roots here. So as you can see, I’m really working that nozzle at the root, then going towards the end. Smoothing back to the root, smoothing, and you do this until it’s dry.

    And then once it’s all smoothed out, I sort of just fold it or twist it and let it rest over the top. This allows the hair to cool off. And ultimately when the hairs push back, it really locks in that hold and that volume. So now it’s all smoothed out, I’m just going to go to that center section that we originally started with. his is where we do some dry cutting.

    Like I said earlier, I’m going to go ahead and refine the fringe. So what we’re doing here, we’re just sectioning out a tiny triangle section. And I’m just checking what length I want it. And I just wanted a smidge shorter. So I grab it up elevate it one more time. And just dust off those ends.

    Now the curtain bang really begins because see how thick that is. Gonna add some softness here by slowly, softly texturizing. I’m overdirecting it, as you can see, and slowly progressively cutting outward. So I start around the middle, keep sliding my fingers out till
    the very end, and you can see the softness take place.

    After you do that, I’m here just using a little bit of Miss Mess Dry Finishing Spray. This is sort of a mix between a very, very light spray and texture spray at the same time. So here it’s just blow dried.

    But now I wanted to show you also, with a little bit of wave. I’m using cold air with the spray at the same time. To me, it gives you that really windblown effect. Here we go, the final look, a lot of volume, a lot of fun. That fringe, that curtain bang really hitting right at that upper cheekbone level, opening up the face.

    All that face framing really opens up the jaw and the neck area. And what’s great about the layers here and all the texture is it’s almost like you don’t see where it starts or ends. You just know it’s just texture and layers everywhere. And a more natural free flowing look, is really what you’re looking for here. You know, it’s almost like the messier the better. We’re looking for sort of that effortless beauty, the wolf cut.

    All right, that was the tutorial on the wolf cut.

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