What is a Digital Perm?

    What is a Digital Perm?

    A digital perm is a modern and advanced hair styling technique that combines traditional perming methods with digital technology to create long-lasting, natural-looking curls or waves in the hair.

    Unlike traditional perms that use rods to create uniform curls, a digital perm allows for more customizable and versatile results.

    What is a Digital Perm?

    Here’s how a digital perm works:

    1. Preparation: The process begins with a consultation where you discuss your desired curl pattern and style with your hairstylist. They will consider your hair type, length, and overall health to determine if a digital perm is suitable for you.
    2. Curling Solution: After deciding on the desired curls, your hairstylist will apply a specialized curling solution to your hair. This solution softens the hair’s internal structure, making it flexible and allowing it to take on a new shape when heat is applied.
    3. Rollers and Rods: Unlike traditional perms that use uniform rollers, digital perms use various sizes of rods and rollers to create a more natural and varied curl pattern. This step involves wrapping sections of your hair around these rods in a specific manner to achieve the desired result.
    4. Digital Setting: This is where the “digital” aspect of the perm comes into play. The wrapped hair is then connected to a machine that controls the temperature and timing of the heat application. The machine digitally monitors and regulates these factors, ensuring consistency and avoiding over-processing.
    5. Heat Application: Heat is essential in the perming process as it helps the hair take on the new shape. The machine heats the wrapped hair to a specific temperature, allowing the curling solution to work effectively.
    6. Cooling Down: After the heat treatment, the hair is allowed to cool down while still wrapped around the rods. This cooling period helps to lock in the new curl pattern.
    7. Neutralizing Solution: Once the hair has cooled, a neutralizing solution is applied. This solution “fixes” the new curl pattern by re-establishing the hair’s internal structure. It ensures that the curls will stay in place once the rods are removed.
    8. Unwrapping and Styling: The rods and rollers are carefully removed, revealing the newly permed curls. Your hairstylist may then style your hair to showcase the curls in their best form.

    Digital perms offer several advantages over traditional perms:

    • Customizable Results: With various rod sizes and digital control, hairstylists can create tailored curl patterns that suit your hair and preferences.
    • Natural Look: The varied curl sizes and patterns produced by digital perms mimic the look of natural curls, resulting in a more realistic appearance.
    • Long-Lasting: Digital perms generally last longer than traditional perms, and the curls tend to soften over time instead of becoming overly frizzy.
    • Less Damage: The controlled heat application and modern techniques used in digital perms can lead to less hair damage compared to some traditional perm methods.
    • Versatility: While often associated with creating curls, digital perms can also be used to add volume, waves, or texture to the hair.
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    Keep in mind that while digital perms can be a fantastic option for achieving stunning curls, it’s important to consult with a skilled and experienced hairstylist before undergoing the process. This will help ensure that your hair type and condition are suitable for the procedure and that you achieve the desired results.

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