What Does Hard Water Do To Your Hair? (Treatment That Works)

    Hard Water Effects on Hair
    How Hard Water Affects Your Hair | Beauty Home School | Hair.com By L'Oreal

    Hello my name is Kelli Hovey and I am a L’Oréal Professionnel artist and a colorist for nearly 12 years behind the chair, located in Orange County, California.

    Today’s topic of this video is to share with you the revolutionary, innovative technology to neutralize metals and hard water that live inside of our hair fiber created by no other than L’Oréal Professionnel, and it’s called Metal Detox.

    Hard Water Effects on Hair

    Let’s talk about what metals look like in our hair and how they affect us.

    So metals that live inside and outside of our hair fiber are also described as hard water.

    Many of us are experiencing these effects in our hair. And we can relate very well with what these are causing these frustrations with us for our hair color services.

    If our hair touches water, we have hard water in our hair. Hard water is coming from our piping systems, and that lives all around us.

    Even if you have a new home with new pipes for your water, unfortunately, those water pipes still are going to have hard water buildup because they’re streaming from our local lakes and oceans.

    Identifying hard metals that live into our hair, we have unevenness in tone, our color is fading quickly after color service in a salon, breakage, thinning, maybe some brassiness like a yellow hue or even green hues in the hair.

    You might experiencing tingling, and you might even be experiencing frizz. All of those are from the buildups of those hard metals and hard waters that live inside our hair fiber.

    There are services out there that can help eliminate these metals on the outside of the hair. But there really wasn’t technology created until now, thanks to Metal Detox and L’Oréal Professionnel, that is small enough to penetrate onto the inside of the hair fiber.

    Hard Water Treatment For Hair

    What Does Hard Water Do To Your Hair?

    Hard Water Effects on Hair

    How does Metal Detox even work?

    And how, more importantly, do we get this on our hair right away with our next color service.

    So Metal Detox has seven years of research and nine patents worldwide. L’Oréal Professionnel discovered that glicoamine is that micro ingredient that can penetrate
    inside the hair fiber and neutralizer metals from the very beginning of the application of your in salon treatment.

    The in salon treatment with your stylist is very simple and no added time to your color service. And no added time when you’re shampooing at your rinse out after your color service.

    So Metal Detox is applied by your stylists in a fine mist throughout the hair and is combed through for evenly distribution.

    Once that color is being mixed by your stylist and the Metal Detox is actually drying into your hair, that means it is migrating towards those metals that are living inside your hair and is already activating and neutralizing.

    Once your color application is processed and is ready to be shampooed, then we do what we call the Metal Detox Detox, and that is a shampoo that detoxes all those metals out.

    And we also neutralize and nourish the hair with the metal detox mask or conditioner.

    You can even continue your metal detox treatment at home by taking home Metal Detox shampoo and conditioner to keep continue blocking those hard waters and metals from entering into your hair fibers for up to two weeks after your color service.

    I hope that explained everything about Metal Detox for you guys.

    I know that personally we are just absolutely loving Metal Detox at our salon here and my clients are just thrilled with the results.

    And we’re seeing all those nasty side effects from hard water disappear as they continue their at home shampoo and conditioner, and they’re continuing receiving the metal detox at each color service.

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