Voluminous Curls For Long Hair Tutorial

    Voluminous Curls For Long Hair

    The look that we’re creating in this tutorial is all about volume, texture and curl.

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    Our choice today is going to be working with the ceramic ion brush. I love this brush for so many reasons.

    One of the great features is sectioning pick. It comes out of the handle, it was an upside down and this is beautiful for taking those sections that you need to take as you’re working with your blow-dryer.

    I love the ergonomics of this brush as well. All one piece – the handle and the barrel are seamless, so you never have to worry about tagging the hair as you’re working with long hair and doing your blow-dry and rotating the brush through it.

    I’ve chose to use size 35 and 55 and the reasons are because I want to create curl and texture, not just volume. So I’ve chosen to use the smaller barrel so that I can create that texture with my blow-dry.

    Voluminous Curls For Long Hair

    I just want to point out the difference in the barrels. Bigger brush is 25 percent faster in your blow-dry for the simple reason you can see the difference and the size of the length of the barrel. This means you can put more hair through the barrel, taking larger sections if you choose.

    You can cover the whole side of the head or when you’re doing ribbon curls on extra long hair, you can only get a certain amount of rotations with smaller brush. With bigger brush you can get a lot more rotations in that long hair to create those beautiful ribbon curls as you’re twisting through the hair.

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    I’ve chosen to use the iDetangle for detangling hair and I’m using the thick one because I have a lot of hair.

    It’s shaped ergonomically so it fits the head shape and it’s movable and bendable. It’s like giving a massage while you’re detangling the hair.

    My clients are crazy about this brush and they all take one home with them when they leave my salon.

    I’ve sectioned the hair temple to temple, segregating this top section that will eventually be the fringe of our finished look.

    Using the pick from the barrel of the brush, I’m going to section out my side and I’m gonna take that ear-to-ear across the crown, concentrating on the drying the back first and then I will go side to side and then finish with the top.

    Using my ceramic ionic speed XL 55, I’m going to section the hair in the crown and the idea is that I want to create volume but I also want to create curl and texture.

    So lifting the hair from the scalp and I’m gonna work on blow-drying it and over directing the hair slightly.

    As I’m working the brush through the hair, keeping blow-dryer close to the barrel where it will heat up, protect the hair, create a tremendous amount of shine and also set the hair.

    Once the hair is dry, wrapping it around my fingers, off face, off base to create that curl that we’re looking to have for our final look.

    Holding it together, keeping it off base and then securing it with a clip.

    I will continue to work symmetrically down the head. This will allow when those curls drop and fall to create this beautiful wave glamorous effect to the hair.

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    By rotating and alternating between the 35 barrel and the 55 barrel is going to allow me to create a tighter curl through the end and the less of a curl from the base to the mids, resulting in a beautiful glamorous wave ending in a nice curl through the bottom.

    Once you’ve created this beautiful curl, the hair is hot, you want to be very cautious of stretching and pulling the hair at this point. The hair is still warm, it needs to cool

    Very gently, with two fingers, wrap the hair. I’d like to do a flat wrap so that you get a nice beautiful curl versus a twisting wrap.

    I take my double prong clip and in it goes and I hold that to cool and set.

    So starting with the hair wet, wrapping it around the brush as you’re drying, continuously moving the brush and the blow-dryer.

    I like to heat up the barrel as much as I do heat up the hair. So by constantly putting the dryer through in the different directions and rotating that brush, allows for the heat to heat up the brush, heat up the hair, therefore forming a beautiful curl pattern.

    Once the hair is about 75% dry, I switch to the smaller barrel and at that point I continue with that same movement, ensuring that I get curl all the way to the top, all the way through the ends. I wrap the barrel through the top, drying this, getting the heat in there and I’m gradually working through the ends, wrapping it through and creating that curl.

    This is the end result of our beautiful blow-dry. So a few tips that I want to share with you.

    Keeping these curls symmetrical, all the way through and symmetrical across, this will ensure a beautiful, a luminous glamorous end result.

    Also, alternating your brushes from large to medium or medium to small will ensure a lot of movement in the hair and create beautiful curl while you’re blow-drying.

    This will ensure that you will not have to use extra hot tools or extra heat for a beautiful end result. This is time-saving and it’s also contributing to the health of the hair.

    Starting in the nape, I’m just gently going to remove all of my clips and let these beautiful curls fall.

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    Remember this is all done with your speed XL ceramic ionic brush. No hot tools were used.

    I’ve chosen to use the finger brush to loosen and brush through these curls. One of the key points of this brush again, it shapes the head, it’s concave. So as you’re brushing through the hair, you can see that it emulates the shape of the head.

    It’s also very flexible and cushiony, so as you’re bringing it through the hair, it kind of emulates what you could create with your hands, creating like a beach wave effect.

    Very gently brushing through the hair. You can see that it breaks those curls up, giving it a much looser kind of a beach wave feel to the hair, softening those curls.

    One of my favorite styling tools is the boar bristle divine brush. I love the ergonomics of it and how well it fits in my hand. Often as a hairstylist. we tend to hold the brushes further up and at the base to get a good hold on it and get that wonderful grip. This was designed specifically with that in mind.

    The boar bristles, as they’re brushing through the hair, will create a tremendous amount of shine and control in that style. It helps to control flyaways and static, giving you a beautiful, soft, shiny result.

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