Tousled Updo Tutorial

    Tousled Updo

    I’m really excited to share with you this really cute bohemian styled tousled updo tutorial.

    How to Get This Tousled Upstyle: Master Series | Olivia Garden

    This look is going to incorporate an upstyle into a braid into a tussle texture ponytail.

    It’s actually going to look quite complicated and detailed but it’s really easy.

    How I prepped the hair was I used this nano thermic square brush.

    What makes this brush unique is not just its shape, but what it does.

    As you’re blow-drying with this, because of the flat surface, you’re able to get the hair really smooth, but you’re also able to get texture and create texture with the movement of the brush.

    So I’m going to do a quick demonstration to show you how the hair was prepped today for this style.

    Section the hair from temple to temple around through the crown area.

    Secure with your double large clip. Secure remaining hair with two clips.

    Tousled Updo

    Using the styleup brush combo, I’m going to put some back combing to create volume in the crown.

    This is an excellent choice of brush for teasing.

    As I’m back combing and teasing the hair, I’m doing it on the inside so that I ensure the outside and the exterior of the hair stays smooth.

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    So not only is this an amazing tool for teasing the hair, but it has some really great cool features as well.

    Because the bristles are different lengths, that’s what allows you to really pack in that teasing and get that beautiful effect to create that volume.

    Another great feature is this brush folds up, it’s nice and small, you can tuck it in your pocket.

    Secure the ponytail with an elastic.

    Take the two small remaining sections from the sides and brush them back to the center and secure with an elastic.

    Taking this ponytail, bringing it back through and looping it through to the other side, tightening the elastic.

    Slightly separate these pieces to give a loose to shovelled unkept kind of look to this so it’s a bit unstructured.

    Take a small piece of hair and wrap it around the elastic securing and hiding the elastic.

    So one of the new beautiful brushes recently launched by Olivia Garden is this beautiful eco hair paddle.

    This brush not only looks beautiful but its performance is amazing.

    Remember that bamboo lives in water so that makes this brush very durable and strong but super lightweight.

    So when you’re sanitizing, washing, blow drying damp hair, you never have to worry about the product breaking down or it becoming warped. It’ll hold up to those conditions.

    There’s no glue. The frame is built-in to the brush so no glue is used, so you don’t have to worry about the glue breaking down the brush, falling apart. It’ll hold up to all of that use as well as it’s water friendly.

    So it’s a great option for the salon.

    Section a small amount of hair and we’re going to create a braid.

    This will just add a little bit more interest and again make this style look just a little more complicated as if you just spent a little more time creating it.

    It’s a basic three strand French braid that I’m taking from each side and bringing to the middle, crossing it over, and the next section comes up, crosses over into the middle, cross over, next section into the middle, crossing over, next section, crossing over to the middle.

    One more crossing over into the middle. Secure one more time with an elastic.

    I’m going to use this really cool multi brush. What I love about this multi brush is it comes in different barrel sizes, with one handle.

    The idea is that you can snap the handle on blow dry with this brush, create that amount of curl that you want, detach the brush, leaving the barrel in the hair to cool and move on to the next size of barrel and continue with your blow drying.

    They do have the ceramic coating on the barrel as well as it is open ventilated system, so these can heat up really well, cool off really well and give you a super fast blow-dry with texture.

    This hair was really shiny, had amazing volume, but now it has beautiful structured curl from the multi brush.

    Step 5, I’m going to use my finger brush. This brush is amazing for breaking up curls and creating kind of a beachy wave.

    The other thing I love to use this for is lacing. Very different from teasing, where you’re actually packing the back combing. Lacing is just gently breaking up the hair, creating movement and volume within the hair.

    Again, with this bohemian look, we want to make sure that we create that kind of lived in sort of feel, something that might happen by just running your fingers through the hair.

    Different from teasing where you take the hair and your pack in the hair down and the brush is not leaving the hair. With lacing the brush is going in quite gently, building that hair up and it’s coming away back out of the hair.

    As you’re creating that lacing, hair is leaving your hand and the brush is coming away from the hand.

    So it creates a much softer, sort of almost a bit messy and disheveled kind of look, which again looks just a little more lived-in and it’s much softer than the teasing technique.

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