Best Titanium Plates Flat Iron (Breathtaking Results)

    titanium plates flat iron

    Today I’m gonna review the best titanium plates flat iron – the Foxybae Rose Gold Tres Sleek Flat Iron.

    titanium plates flat iron

    It’s an amazing hair straightener and I have heard a lot of good things about it.

    I use other Foxybae products as well. I have their wand, I have their sea salt spray and their heat protectant spray.

    So I had to try this flat iron. My old straightener was kind of fizzling out, it was just not working very well. So I decided why not get new one.

    Foxybae Trés Sleek Flat Iron Review

    The box in which this hair styling tool comes is so beautiful with rose gold letters.

    This titanium plates flat iron maintains moisture in the hair, gives you faster styling because it has the temperature control, creates sleek and voluminous hair since you could do curls with this gadget as well.

    It’s multi-purpose tool because it can do both straightening and curling. Thanks to its rounded plates, you can create different hairstyles for all occasions!

    Hair becomes shiny and smooth because of the titanium plates.

    hair straightener for thick curly frizzy hair

    The titanium plates emit negative ions that lock in the hair’s moisture for perfect results. This reduces frizz, and creates a healthy shine.

    It’s safe and easy to use because of the 360° swivel cord.

    It also has an auto shutoff and it locks the temperatures and locks the flat iron itself, which I’ve never seen with any other flat iron, which I really love and that’s what sold me.

    The tool itself looks super cute, I really love the rose gold.

    It has an LCD screen that tells you the temperature, if it’s locked, if it’s heated up yet. Fahrenheit or Celsius readings.

    titanium hair straightener

    Tres Sleek has the plus and minus button. It also has the on and off button and then it also has the lock and unlock button for the titanium plates.

    It also comes with a nifty bag and then inside the bag are two hair clips. These are pretty good and they can hold a lot of thick hair. The spring on these clips is really tight.

    The other thing it comes with are the instructions and a hair styling temperature chart. If you have fine hair, coarse hair, curly, wavy or straight hair, the chart tells you the temperature that you should use. This will make sure that you’re not actually burning your hair.

    best titanium flat iron

    For example, if you have curly or coarse hair, the chart says you should be using 370F. For wavy hair, it’s 350F to 370F and for normal hair, it’s 330F to 350F.

    Once you plug the iron in, you’ll see it says OFF on the screen.

    Now I’m gonna hold the ON button for about 2 to 5 seconds and it changes to 300 degrees.

    You’ll see like a sidebar on the screen telling you that it’s warming up to that temperature. Once it stops, it means that it’s already at that temperature.

    titanium plated hair straightener

    There’s also a lock sign there. That lock is not to say that the plates are locked. It actually tells you that the temperature is locked.

    That was kind of confusing for me when I first read the manual because I had never seen that before. But that’s cool because if your kid comes and starts messing with the settings, they can’t mess with the temperature and they can’t unlock the plates easily.

    The way you would unlock the plates is you just pull down the lever and then it just springs open. To close the plates, push the lever up and then they close. I really like that.

    Once it’s fully heated at 300F, if you want to up the temperature, first you have to click twice the on and off button and the lock sign is not there anymore. Now you can go up. It gives you about two to five seconds in order to change the temperature.

    Now you can start straightening your hair.

    It leaves the hair really soft, it’s almost weird, because normally my hair wouldn’t be this soft after straightening. I noticed right off the bat that my hair is a lot softer.

    Hair turns out pretty nice and silky and smooth and shiny! And I love that!

    Thank you Foxybae for this amazing titanium plates flat iron. It was really well thought of in every area.

    Foxybae Rose Gold Tres Sleek Flat Iron

    This is definitely a really great product. This is such a great buy.

    Straight hair lasts all day and all night!

    I love the shape of it, the sleekness of it, it looks really nice, it matches all my other stuff.

    If you’re looking for a flat iron that creates salon quality results, Rose Gold Tres Sleek is a great one.

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