Tape In Extensions on Short Hair (Before & After)

    Tape In Hair Extensions For Short Hair | "The 'Do Over"

    Here we’ll be doing a full install of Bellami tape in extensions. It is important to come to a salon to do extensions if you want them instead of doing them at home because the professionals always know best.

    They would be able to tell you exactly what you need, the type of extensions and they will help you reach your length goals.

    I don’t have much expectations for today this is my first time getting hair extensions. I know a lot of people get nervous going through a dramatic hair change but I’m actually just excited to see what happens.

    So the process of putting in tape ins would start by the consultation.

    The consultation is the most important thing. You would color match the hair, see what their goals are, what your clients density of the hair is, the length that they’re trying to achieve.

    I like that length a lot. Okay, do you like it like here or do you like this length there. I think I like that longer length as like the first layer.

    So I would say like either 18 or 20 inch. If you do 20 inch we could always cut it to where you would like to see it. And then let’s color match you.

    You were saying that you normally get highlights. Yeah these are pretty long roots for me.

    Usually I like to have like brighter blondes.

    And you do have like a thicker density that’s awesome.

    So what we’ll do is we’ll look at the swatches, we’ll pick like two different colors because you do have like different colors in your hair so we’ll make it look more natural.

    So this one has a rooted and I looked at that only because in the back you do have roots back there. I feel like it like blends yeah and it blends with like your base. Right.

    So I say we do a mix of those two. Okay. So we’ll keep some roots in there so that way when your hair does grow out it still looks natural with the extensions and then we’ll have those really blonde pieces.

    That sounds good? Yeah. All right, awesome.

    Today I primed her hair by using the Matrix Total Results Super Clarifying Cleanser. This treatment prepares her hair for extensions and it removes all the oils.

    Alright so we did the consultation, we color matched her, we decided on the length which is gonna be about like 18 inches, we shampooed her, clarified her using the Matrix Total Results Lengths Goals and now we’re gonna go in and start the application.

    So we agreed on three different colors that are just kind of gonna blend in her hair.

    We have a rooted extension because back here is so dark and then we have two blonde ones that’ll just blend in with her blonde hair better and when she gets her highlights done.

    And I’m just sandwiching the rooted one and the blonde one together at the bottom just to blend in the darkness and I’m also gonna use the rooted ones on top so that way when her roots do come in, it blends really nice.

    Cordless Hair Styling Tools

    The placement technique that I use when I apply tape ins is basically going off the shape of the clients head and where they need their extensions to be installed.

    Also depending on the client’s density of their hair will also determine how much I would put in and how close I would put the extensions in the hair.

    So, I’m just going in and I’m bricklaying her extensions towards the bottom and I think towards the top I’m gonna kind of get them in there closer because she does have very thick hair and it is a very blunt cut.

    So what I do is I place the tape on the hair and that determines how much hair the tape can hold but then I go back in and I just make sure that this is a clean line and that no extra little hairs are in there because if there’s too much hair in between like it could unstick. So I’m just going in and kind of cleaning up that line.

    What makes Bellami hair extensions different from other extension brands is that their extensions are like top quality. They are human Remy hair extensions. And what Remy hair extensions mean is that all the cuticles are laying in the same direction so that makes the hair like super shiny, tangle free and overall they’ll last a very long time.

    So the hair itself can be used up into about a year but you do definitely want to go to the salon and get them maintained every six to eight weeks.

    So what we’ll do now as we’ll go in and we’ll just blend your like top layer a lot into it and then we’ll give you like a pretty face frame so that way that’s all blends and then we’ll cut some of the length.

    I feel that you should leave them longer because you can always go shorter like if it is too much so to get them a little bit longer than the length you want because that way we can we just go shorter if needed but at least you have the length there. Because once they’re in they’re in.

    I’m not really cutting your length I’m just going in and texturizing. It’s like such a transition and it’s so crazy that this is like possible.

    And it’s not like you wouldn’t even notice like if someone that didn’t know me saw me, I just have like nice long hair.

    I love it. I like I’m excited for the curls but I feel like straight I love it too. It looks really good straight.

    So in order to take care of your extensions at home definitely brush your hair when it’s dry whether you’re just gonna like rough dry it with a blow dryer or wait for it to dry and maybe just sleeping in like a braid with it or on some silk pillowcases and just being very gentle
    with your extensions.

    Short Hair Tape in Extensions Before and After

    short-hair-tape-in-extensions-before-after tape-in-extensions-before-after-short-hair Tape-In-Extensions-on-Short-Hair

    It’s so pretty. People are not gonna recognize me. No, not at all. I love it. It looks like so good. And I gave you some long layers in there I was blending. Yay, so cute!

    I knew my hair was gonna be good but I am just so happy with it, I think it looks amazing and I’m just like so happy to have long hair again it’s been awhile.

    I had no idea what to expect when I came in today but it was actually such a seamless process it went a lot faster than I thought and everything turned out amazing.

    I think her hair looks amazing, like bob where? There’s no bob, just long hair, it’s beautiful.

    Obviously my hair is a lot different than what it was this morning. It’s a lot fuller now, obviously it’s a lot longer even when my hair is naturally long it doesn’t look this full and doesn’t have this much volume so it’s really nice to have this.

    The most important thing Julie can do is just take care of them as you would your natural hair.

    Matrix has a great line to take care of your extensions at home it’s called the Matrix Total Results Lengths Goals.

    If you’re looking to rebalance your hair you can use the Sulfate Free Shampoo. It is sulfate free so it doesn’t do anything bad to be adhesive.

    And if you’re looking to restore your hair you can go for the Extension Conditioner. It nourishes the ends and it leaves your hair smooth and touchable.

    And to perfect your hair you can reach for the Extension Perfector. It protects your hair from heat it detangles it and it moisturizes it.

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