How to Get Salon Blowout at Home

    Blowout hair at Home

    Today I’ll show you how to get salon blowout at home. A great blowout gives shine, nourishment and a long-lasting foundation for any hairstyle you want to achieve.

    Follow along and find out how you can achieve the perfect blowout at home.

    Start by using a good shampoo and conditioner that work well for most hair types. You will also need a hair oil, a styling product that adds volume to the roots and a hair spray to keep your look in place.

    For tools you’ll need a blow dryer with the nozzle, sectioning clips a comb and a nylon brush along with a round brush.

    Salon Blowout at Home

    First blot your hair gently with a towel so that there’s no water dripping from the ends.

    Next you will use a hair oil, such as Redken Diamond Oil. Use two drops, warm it up in your hands and apply it from the middle of your hair to the ends, being sure to stay away from the root area.

    Diamond oil is silicone free, which means that it actually sinks into each strand of hair to condition and add shine.

    Next use a styling product to add some volume. Lift up your hair, spray it in, making sure to apply it evenly all over your head.

    Blowout hair at Home

    Now you are going to do what’s called pre-drying or blast drying, which means that you are taking out almost all of the moisture from your hair, about 70 percent.

    Now you are going to use clips to pull up most of your hair, leaving out about an inch where you start your blow dry.

    It’s important not to take too much hair. You want it to still fit around your brush, so that each section you do fits around it nicely.

    I’ll use the nylon brush for the root area because it grips the hair and is really easy to control.

    You want to direct the hair upward to create volume while following along with the nozzle of your hair dryer.

    For the lengths, switch to the round brush. Again, direct the hair up and out while making sure that the nozzle is following along in the direction of the hair.

    blowout hair tutorial

    When you get to the end, gently roll the brush under. Before you unroll it, use the cool button to blast with cool air for a few seconds and set the shape.

    Then use some hair spray to finish.

    Repeat these steps for every section of hair. It takes a little bit of time but you’ll have a perfect look that’s well worth it.

    For the top section, you can part your hair to the left.

    Blast the root area, change brushes for the length, curl under, secure with cool air, hold and a little bit of hairspray. Change the size of the round brush depending on hair lenght and the desired look.

    For added volume at the front, I’m using my fingers, getting into the root area, lift it up and then blast it with cool air to hold.

    For a bouncy effect, you can flip out some hair pieces at the front.

    To finish, use a few blasts of cool air and a little more of hair spray.

    And you are ready!

    See the best hair styling tools!

    You just did a great job and achieved the perfect blowout all on your own.

    For more texture and more wave, you’ll use a smaller diameter round brush. For straighter hair you’ll use a larger diameter round brush,.

    If you happen to find that you still have a few flyaways, you can work with a really light aerosol spray, mist it over the top and just use something smooth like the can to smooth over the surface to take down any of the flyaways.

    I hope these tips helped and now you can go and achieve the perfect blowout on your own hair.

    How I Make An Easy and Casual Blow Out Hairstyle

    How to do blowout at home

    Here is how I make the perfect blue out and also how I add some volume to create more carefree look to the
    hair. This is suitable for any occasion.

    If you have color treated hair, you’ll want to use a color protecting shampoo and conditioner to protect your hair color.

    I also use a heat protectant, a styling spray such, a blow dryer with the nozzle, clips, a medium sized brush and the comb.

    I start by towel drying my hair then I apply one to two pumps of heat protectant to help protect my hair against heat and split ends. I make sure I get it all the way through, all the way to the ends.

    A great tip is to use a round brush to finish your hair.

    But first I like to blow-dry my hair to get most the moisture out.

    Now the secret to a perfect blowout is taking your time and addressing your hair in sections.

    I like to start with the top, making a nice clean section. I then want to separate it with a clip.

    how to give yourself a blowout

    Now I do the sides. Then I split the back into two sections.

    To start the blow-drying, I’m gonna take the brush in my left hand, place it close to my scalp by my roots and I want to blow-dry it straight up.

    Then I want to blow the hair outward, curling ends a little bit, heat them for,a few seconds and then let them cool and then release. And the same thing with the ends.

    If a section seems too large, I’m just going to split it in half. It’ll make it much easier. Work in 2-inch sections. Use a mirror when drying the back to avoid missing any spots.

    For my fifth and final section (top section) I want to blow-dry the hair up and back. This is going to give me the volume I want.

    That’s it. Really simple. I have a perfect blowout in no time.

    To transition into an evening look, spray the roots of front and side sections. I look ready for a red carpet event and it only took seconds.

    My hair looks fantastic and it is such a simple and easy way to achieve some volume.

    Also if your hair is a bit thicker, make sure you take finer sections and this will give a much fuller effect.

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