Redken Shades EQ Gloss Instructions

    Copper Red Hair Transformation Salon Before And After | The Backbar | By L'Oreal

    As you can see, I’m officially a redhead. I’m loving the color.

    Hi, I’m Jelani, Senior Editor at, and I am currently in my bathroom. But I’m getting ready to head out to Cutler salon in SoHo, so I can get a Redken Shades EQ gloss service.

    So it’s actually been about nine months since I had last had a color service, which is a really long time but I just had a baby and so they were a little bit busy.

    So as you can see my colors kind of dull. I’m in desperate need a touch up, and that is why I’m heading to Cutler to do.

    I am opting for the Redken Shades EQ gloss service for a few reasons.

    Redken Shades EQ Gloss Instructions

    One, trying out a new bit more vibrant color that I’m used to hoping to get a really on trend kind of coppery, ginger hue, something really bright and vibrant, perfect for the new year.

    And this is a temporary color.

    So on the off chance that I don’t love it, which I highly doubt, it’ll fade out over a few weeks or a few months depending on how to take care of it.

    And then I can try a different color.

    Another great part about it being temporary, at least for me, is that if I don’t have time to head back to the salon every six to eight weeks, which I would really love to do but may not have the chance, because as I said I just had a baby, it will fade really beautifully and nobody will know that I’ve got overgrown roots that haven’t been back to the salon in a few months.

    So since I gave birth, I’ve noticed that my curls are not as kind of like tight and springy as they used to be.

    The acidic formula of Redken Shades EQ helps to kind of lay down the cuticle, make your hair really shiny, and bring out that curl pattern.

    If you have curly hair like me, and you’re worried about dyeing your hair, kind of messing with your curl pattern and this is a great place to start.

    So yeah, I’m gonna see you guys along with me. And I’m gonna get ready to head downtown. See you guys.

    So I met with Elizabeth from Cutler after taking a look at my hair she saw my overgrown roots that I hadn’t gotten touched up since well before I had my daughter before we could apply the Shades EQ she wanted to even my hair out.

    So we applied some dye to the roots let that sit for a minute and then she came back and applied it all over so that we had a nice even base then she wrapped my hair in saran wrap this is to help trap the natural heat from my head to help my hair process.

    Then we rinse it out did a quick shampoo and it was time for Shades EQ.

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    As you can see she’s a really bright, vibrant copper color swans my hair is thoroughly saturated and she made sure she got my roots and all my new growth, more saran wrap to help process and they waited another 10 minutes.

    Once it was time to wash out the Shades EQ, we washed again this time with the Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate shampoo followed by the conditioner and then the salon Acidic Bonding Concentrate treatment that sat in my hair for another 10 minutes.

    Then it was time to rinse out the style. Hey guys, so I’m back from my appointment.

    I’m in my bathroom, wanted to come back here to give you the final result.

    And as you can see I’m officially a redhead. So my roots are gone. I’ve got one even color all around make my curls look really nice. My hair is just freshly washed and dried.

    So I haven’t had a chance to fluff it out like a one to get some nice volume but I am loving the colors so as you can see, it’s not necessarily a bright vibrant kind of copper-ginger because we didn’t light in my hair before applying the Shades EQ.

    If I wanted something like super, super bright, vibrant ginger, kind of like orange vibes. I would probably have to lighten my hair a little bit before coloring it but as I said I don’t have tons of time for upkeep and bleach requires a lot of upkeep after the Shades EQ gloss was applied.

    And when it’s out of my hair, I also did the Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate treatment.

    This treatment is great for anybody really but particularly people who have just gotten in hair color this is not as concentrated as the actual treatment that I did at the salon for this great for at home appeal.

    I can just put it in my hair after I wash out my conditioner and style as usual. I’ve got the shampoo. I’ve got the conditioner, which is the same shampoo and conditioner that they use before they treated my hair at the salon.

    So I’m going to keep using this. It’s great for color treated hair or make sure that my hair stays nice and strong, that my bonds stay nice and strong, and that my color doesn’t fade. It helps to strengthen the hair, smooth it.

    My hair feels really great and strong. And now comes the hard part. So the hard part, and anybody who’s dyed their hair knows this is upkeep, particularly red. It is a notoriously difficult shade to upkeep because it fades really, really quickly and has to do with the color molecules color.

    Red is bigger than other more popular colors. And so it washes out fairly quickly. The beauty editor in me would return to the salon every six to eight weeks to get my color touch up to make sure that it looks really good.

    But the realist and the mom in me knows that that might not always be possible. So I will be relying on this slide for the next couple of months to make sure that my color stays looking as good as possible. And I’ll check back in with you guys. I’ll check back in by the eight week range. Thanks for coming along. I hope you like my new color. I love it.

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