Red Carpet Hairstyles For Long Hair!

    Low Wrapped Ponytail

    Low Wrapped Ponytail

    Red Carpet Hairstyles: Low Wrapped Ponytail Tutorial

    Tonight I saw one of my favorite actresses on the red carpet and she had the most beautiful sleek look.

    I’m gonna show you how you can recreate it at home.

    To get this look started, what you want to do is create a center part, by parting your hair from the top of
    your head to the front hairline.

    You want to take your comb and separate the front area. So I’m just gonna take the comb from the top of the
    head and comb down to just behind my ear. You’re gonna do this on both sides.

    Once you have full side sectioned out in the front, what you’re gonna do is pull all your hair to the back of the neck and secure it with an elastic band.

    What I really loved about this look is it was sleek but it still had a lot of volume in the crown area.

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    Tto create that, what you’re gonna do is take your tail comb and you’re just going to slide it under the section
    and pull it out right on the crown.

    Once you get that nice volume in the crown area, you want to definitely spray it with some hairspray to hold it in place.

    Next what we want to do is take these side pieces and sleek them down with some hairspray and a brush and wrap them around the base of the ponytail

    To finish this look off, I’m going to add some really soft curls to the lengths of the ponytail.

    I’m going to be using a heat protectant spray, Iron Shape 11. I’m going to miss this through the lemght of my hair and then use the curling iron to add some soft curls.

    Once you have all your curls in place what you want to do is use your hands to just break them together to create a really polished finish.

    There you have it – beautiful sleek look from the red carpet. One of my favorites. Definitely one of my hair goals.

    Low Wrapped Ponytail

    Dutch Braid Updo

    Red Carpet Hairstyle Tutorial: How to Get a Dutch Braid Updo

    Tonight on the red carpet I saw a braided updo that really stood out to me.

    So I’m going to show you how to recreate this at home.

    The first thing you want to do is split your hair right at the bottom of your neck into two halves.

    Then you’re going to start your braid right at the part and braid all the way down to the bottom of the neck and then continue the braid through the lengths of the hair.

    To help us along I’m going to use a product called Braid Aid. This is a really great product when you’re braiding my hair because it’s going to give you a lot of control and if the hair is slippery, it’s going to give you some grip as well.

    To start your braid, you’re going to split it into three sections and your sections are going to go under versus going over.

    Next you’re going to secure it with a rubber band.

    Then you’re going to do the same exact thing on the opposite side.

    I’m going to cross these two braids over each other and then wrap them in a bun.

    To create some extra volume, I’m going to use my tail comb to slightly lift the braid right at the top of the head. To finish this off and hold it in place, I’m going to use Fashion Work 12 and just lightly mist it all over.

    For an added finishing touch, you can add an accessory.

    I’m loving this braided updo. It’s definitely a look that I would wear on or off the red carpet.

    Dutch Braid Updo

    Half Knot

    Red Carpet Hairstyle: Half Knot Tutorial

    tonight as I was watching the red carpet. I was inspired by a look created by hair stylist George Northwood. It’s a half knot as we’ve been seeing lots of them this one was a little more polished and definitely something that caught my eye.

    To get this look started, you want to start out with a center part. I’ve already gone ahead and section my hair

    For some added texture, I’m going to use a product called Wind Blown and I’m going to go ahead and spray that all the way through the lengths of my hair and just massage it in with my fingers.

    With all that texture added into your hair, now we’re gonna create our bun.

    You want to take your thumbs and just put them right at the top of your ear. From this point, we’re just going to bring our thumbs all the way to the top of the crown.

    Once you have the hair gathered at the back of the head, what we’re gonna do is twist the hair until it buckles on itself to create our bun and then secure it with some bobby pins.

    We have our bun. I’m just gonna give it a little mist of hairspray to hold it in place.

    Next what I’m going to do is create a really lived-in natural wave.

    I’m going to use the curling iron but I’m going to wrap my sections in opposite directions just to create a really natural effect.

    This is looking great so far. I love it-

    To finish this look off, what we’re gonna do is use the Wind Blown again to just create some undone texture in the lengths of the hair and give it a little bit of hold as well.

    Thanks to George Northwood for inspiring me to create this look and I’m really happy I could share it with you as well this is definitely a look that I would wear on or off the red carpet.

    Half Knot hairstyle

    Faux Bob Upstyle

    Red Carpet Hairstyle Tutorial: Faux Bob Upstyle

    I’m going to show you how to recreate a look inspired by tonight’s red carpet. It’s a very simple yet elegant faux bob.

    If you have this texture already previously, this will work very well into the faux bob. If not, like myself, I used a curling iron to work all the way through to give it a slight wave, which will really help when I put it up into the faux bob.

    I’m gonna brush all the way through and this way it’s gonna set the hair slightly into position, so I can sweep it into a low ponytail to begin with.

    You really want to just sculpt it exactly where you want to leave your front piece coming out because that will just add to the softness.

    Bring the hair back into a very low slung ponytail, popping your head back slightly helps to give the volume at the crown just a little bit.

    I’ve just tied it at the very bottom through here. That’s very important if you go too high you’re not gonna have enough room to be able to roll the hair up and create that base for the bob look.

    Once you’ve got it in the low ponytail, from there I’m actually going to tuck the ends under and roll it up and get it about where I feel is more flattering to my face shape, which is probably just under the jawline area.

    Once you’ve rolled the hair up into the faux bob position, now I’m going to perfect the front pieces and with the help of using Triple Take 32. This is an excellent hairspray, which helps to give it some extra hold and definitely some shine as well.

    I really like how there’s some kind of soft wispy pieces so you’re not trying to make it so perfect but you just want to keep the strong line, then really perfect that coming around your face.

    Again work with your profile, see what really suits you. You might want to only a tiny bit tuck behind or some of it more down

    Triple Take is so good. This hairspray it giving just enough hold and still being able to work with it very easily.

    I created a simple yet elegant updo which is perfect for any kind of event.

    Faux Bob Upstyle

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