How To Plop Your Curls

    How To Plop Your Curls
    How To Plop Your Curls | Beauty Home School | By L'Oreal

    Hey guys, it’s Soleil. Hairstylist in NYC and today we’re going to be talking about plopping. Have you guys ever heard of plopping?

    Okay, so plopping is a way to dry your hair with minimal frizz and maximum curl pattern. And that’s what we’re going to get into today. I wanted to show you guys my hair before we plop so you can see what I’m working with.

    This is how it usually you know I rock it like this a lot. So we’re here, get into it, get into it, see my tendrils and I wear it like this because I mean like I said it’s what you’re giving. It’s not what your hair is giving and I’d be into it. So I wear it like this.

    But we’re going to define the curl today using a plopping method. Okay, plopping, plopping categories, I’ve seen wet plopping and I’ve seen overnight plopping. I feel like there are two kinds of ideas you want to keep in mind when you’re plopping is your end result is one of them.
    Do you want a volumized curl or do you want a sleek or kind of flat curl. And then your curl pattern. Today I went with a volumizing plop and that’s what I used today to get my afro. Taking you out to the kitchen.

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    Okay, so I just just washed my hair like it’s too soon for me to wash it again. So I’m going to do a cold wash old school style. I’m going to be using the Mizani Conditioner and this one is the Intense Moisturizing Mask.

    I’m gonna grab a scoop full of this intense moisturizing mask. This is where I like to add my moisture. When I’m doing a style, I don’t like to really add moisture in that because I need the style to dry and I need it to dry the way we both want it to dry.

    And the more moisture and hydration you have in that time, the longer it’s gonna take to dry. And the motion I’m using I’m squeezing it in and I’m kind of pulling it out a little bit.

    Pulling it out a little bit just a little bit. I’m also going to scrunch it because I want the curls I want them to curl now. Alright, so I’ll be back in minutes after it’s deeply hydrated my hair and all that and I’ll rinse it out.

    I wanted to show you guys what it looked like while it was deep conditioning, very mop head style just chillin. Not super defined but kind of more defined. Alright, so it’s been minutes and we’re gonna rinse.

    How To Plop Your Curls

    What I’m doing is squeezing out the water and scrunching at the same time. The main thing with plopping is this T shirt.

    Everyone’s using the T shirt. I’m gonna open it up I’m gonna put the back, the back on my back and the front on my front. And then this is it. What I’m gonna do when I get up is I’m gonna gently just pat it to remove as much moisture as possible.

    This can be done with a towel. If you are careful and gentle like this, you can achieve the same success with a towel.

    Okay, so I’m back, I cold washed my hair. I let the moisturizing mask sit for minutes, I came back, I showed you in between. And I’m going to take it out, it’s plop time. I’ve only had this on for about five minutes.

    So people leave it on for varying amounts of time because they want their hair to dry a lot. Let’s take it out, see what we got, like it’s hot.

    So here we are, this is fine, this is fine, I can work with this. What I’m gonna do is loosen it up, I want to get my afro back. The product I’m going to be using today is the Mizani Foam Wrap.

    I’m gonna put my hands on my scalp and just shake. You see if I shake you see it goes from this, I’m gonna put my hand shake and you get a little bit of definition, a little bit of separation, not definition. Getting the foam wrap.

    This is the major key for this looked today. If I left my hair the way it was, it would just dry with, it would dry and it would not have any curl definition at all like how I started out. I’m using generous amounts of this foam wrap and I’m scrunching it into my hair, the same move that I’ve been doing all throughout this process.

    What I want this to do is clump my curls together. I’m going to try and get this as dry as I can. So what I’m gonna do now, I’m just gonna pull my afro back into shape.

    My post plop afro, I think it’s a success. This looks really good my curls are defined in there, but I still have my afro shape. It’s not like hanging down like tendrils like, it’s great, this is what I want.

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    Let’s say you wake up and you’re like me, your afro is popping but you want a little more curl definition.

    I’m going to show you two ways you could do that.

    Way number one, you can do a quick twist out the night before. And I know you guys are trying to leave me after I said twist out because I said it was gonna be quick, but just stay with me. It’s gonna be quick.

    So I’ll be using the Mizani Foam Wrap to define my curls today and I’ll show you how I do it. So I have my afro. I’m just gonna take a little bit of the Foam Wrapping Lotion. I’m gonna grab a section that I want to define, massage it in there. Get it good, get it good. And I’m just gonna
    do a twist, I did not comb it out.

    I did not section it out I just grabbed the chunks that I wanted some definition and I put a twist in and this is what you would do. You want a little more definition the next morning and you have afro like mine, you’re gonna do that you’re gonna have a couple of these.

    Way number two, I think this is also good if you want to see sort of what your curl pattern would do if it were in a wash and go style or if it were in a plopping style. Take a section of your hair, put some of the Foam Wrapping Lotion on it, run it through.

    I’m using consistent tension I’m pulling my hair straight and I’m running my fingers through it like a finger comb. So this is kind of what the front of my hair wants to do. And of course there’s going to be shrinkage as it dries but you can kind of see it kind of gives me a hint as to what my texture is doing.

    You can try this too and then your texture will jump out. And I can do this in different parts of my head. If I have my fro, I just woke up it’s dry nothing’s on it. Go on in with the Foam Wrap, put it on there, finger it through, and now I have this.

    I can diffuse this then blend it in with my afro and go, just for a dash more definition. I’m actually gonna do that for you so you can kind of see what you can do. So I’ve got my diffuser and I got my twist they shrunk up a little bit great because I do want them to blend with my afro once I’m done diffusing.

    And I’m gonna diffuse my twists to show you all and I’m gonna diffuse the parts that I defined on my own.

    I’ve been diffusing for about seven minutes now and they feel pretty dry. Here is my defined texture on the side. You see it, you see them? Compared to like say this.

    So you want to make sure your twists are super dry, which is why I said this is the quick easy before you go to bed do a couple of these to add some definition in the spot so you feel you need them. I’m gonna put my dryer on cool and cool them off.

    So if you’re wondering why I cooled it down it’s because two things you can really count on to change your curl pattern and that’s heat and water. I already use water because it’s in this product and I used heat to diffuse it.

    So if it’s warm, if I take them out while they’re warm, it’s a potential for it to be disturbed. I can probably work with it but I want to give you exactly what I want to give you right now, with minimal variables.

    Let’s take it out. I’m just separating it. Alright, so this is your twist out texture here. And you’re probably wondering now what am I going to do with these worms coming outside of my head?

    What are we gonna do, we’re going to blend it. So there are two ways you can separate your twists. From the base, this is if you want zero volume, separate from the base. I want max volume because that’s how I live life.

    I’m going to take it from the end and I’m going to pull it up. Take it from the end and separate. So imagine how I done this in other parts of my head? It’s fine, if I did this all over my head, this will be popping. I would be in good shape. Now it looks intentional.

    Boom, and you’re done and you’re ready for work. It’s different. You see those three different ways gives you three different kinds of curls.

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