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    Money Piece Highlights before after
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    The money piece is so popular right now it’s all over Instagram it’s all over really the magazines everywhere.

    It is a very bold like strategic highlight around the face.

    It’s meant to mimic balayage and that really sun-kissed look.

    If you want this look and you’re looking for a money piece everybody and anybody can have it.

    It doesn’t really matter the texture of your hair, it doesn’t really matter the color of your hair. It could be for blondes, it could be for brunettes, fantasy colors.

    It can be really bold or or really subtle.

    So most recently the money piece trend started trending. I don’t know if you guys saw that Beyonce look with a really light ribbon around her face and it’s just taken off in a lot of different ways.

    I don’t feel like that’s when the money piece really started. If you think back like in the 90s there were these really bold face framing highlights.

    But it was very different then it was really chunky and it grew out not beautifully. This is a more updated version for our generation or for this time that is really soft it can grow out really beautifully but still give you that pop of color around your face that is so flattering.

    Okay so we’re gonna do the money piece on you, it’s something that’s really trending it’s so beautiful it will look gorgeous on you.

    Money Piece Highlights before after

    Are you looking for like a big transformation?

    So I’m looking for something that’s going to be bold. I’ve had my highlights done a couple of months ago and I really need something that’s just gonna be more vibrant and brighten my face up.

    Yeah that makes sense, it’ll be beautiful on you. You have some shorter pieces in here so I just want to make sure that I’m really strategic with you know where I’m making this ribbon.

    I also notice that you have like some some really dark pieces under here, so let’s brighten that up and make this bold transformation that can grow out really easily.

    We’re gonna section her off keeping in mind where we want to see the money piece.

    If you guys remember how I showed you before, she has tons of layering in the front of her hair. To create this money piece effect, a lot of the highlights actually have to come from over here in the lengths.

    So the benefits of having a money piece is it’s really trending and it it looks really cool, so it’s something that you can do in the salon that can be pretty quick to have a really impactful transformation.

    It could possibly be more affordable for those that are on a tight budget because you’re not doing the full head of highlights that takes a much longer time, but you’re giving that big statement transformation because it’s really framing your face.

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    It can be bold or it can be really subtle which i think is beautiful for all skin tones and all face shapes and haircuts and you really can play with this trend.

    To create the middle part of this money piece, we are going to do a mixture of babylights and teasy lights.

    This technique that I came up with is a mixture of a bunch of different techniques to create this look.

    I do see a lot of people doing the money piece and doing it how we used to do it like more in the 90s and doing these back-to-back highlights, which created a obviously very bold ribbon but really chunky not a beautiful grow out.

    I am not putting back-to-back highlights here. Most of the ribbon work is through teasy lights and like scooped teasy end lights to create this ribbon that continues to the lengths and the ends of hair.

    With her she has so many layers in the front so many short pieces that if I don’t put all of these ends in it will get lost and it will just look like a chunk in front. We want it to look like a ribbon root to end.

    The maintenance for a money piece highlight really depends on how bold you want it and the tone that you want it.

    If you want it quite soft and really it can still be bolder through the ends that will grow out like a very soft balayage.

    If you want it more impactful it will grow out a little bit stronger. The maintenance is very low unless you want a really ashy tone.

    To maintain an ashy color you really want to come back into the salon but you’re just coming in for a gloss to fix the tone. You don’t have to do the whole money piece all over.

    If highlights are done correctly they really should not damage your hair but sometimes people’s hair is a little bit compromised already so just remember you want to use a really good shampoo and conditioner.

    You want something professional. Redken has amazing shampoos and conditioners they’re all sulfate free, it’s gonna really keep your color. Wash as little as possible like every other day max.

    And then at the salon there are treatments you can do directly after we do the color that can repair the hair.

    This is going to be the most beautiful seamless ribbon without it being chunky at all because there’s only one foil that is to the root and every other foil strategically goes longer and creates that balayage sun-kissed look.

    We’ve rinsed out all of her highlights. We shampooed with the Extreme Shampoo by Redken and then we use this bleach recovery Extreme Bleach Recovery Treatment, it’s a lamellar treatment.

    It is applied to towel dried, shampooed towel dried hair, you leave it on about 5 minutes and then we rinsed, towel dried and then I applied all the gloss.

    The toning process I made these roots just like a little bit softer and left the ends really bright she wants a really big transformation so this is gonna be high contrast and really impactful.

    This is the finished result of my money piece technique. I hope you guys love it as much as I do.

    As you guys can see like it’s not really bold here like people are not scared when they see the finished result but it did dramatically change her look and that is what we’re going for.

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