How to Make S Waves With a Flat Iron

    how to make S waves with a flat iron
    S Waves Flat Iron Tutorial | Hair House Call | By L'Oreal

    Hi everyone. I’m Shelley Gregory and I’m from Las Vegas, Nevada.

    I work at Square salon and I specialize in coloring, cutting, but especially styling.

    Today I’m going to show you some of my favorite tips and tricks for using the flatiron and my favorite kind of texture which is an “S” wave.

    Super easy. I feel like anybody can do it.

    First let’s start with what tools you’re gonna need: a brush, I like a boar bristle.

    I just like how it is moisturizing and detangling at the same time and it leaves your hair really shiny and smooth.

    Comb and you’re going a comb clip for sectioning. And obviously, flatiron. Cordless Hair Tools

    I like a flatiron that’s one-inch-wide because I just feel like you can do straight, you can do wavy, you can do curls, you can do bends. You can do anything when it’s one-inch, there’s no limits.

    I also like the edges to be a little bit rounded.

    You can see the edges are sort of rounded on here and that’s going to keep it from catching inside the iron.

    So when you’re making the movements of curling, it’s not going to get caught in there and snag your hair that’s really important.

    So I let my hair air dry.

    The only thing I put in is the Serie Expert L’Oreal Pro Ten- in-One.

    Why I always keep this in is because it has UV protection, heat protection, it helps with frizz and it’s also treating it while it’s in.

    Another one that I love using is the Absolute Repair Serie Expert by L’Oreal Pro. It’s a really light serum. It looks like an oil and it feels like oil but it goes in really light and it just helps with frizz.

    Also treats my dry ends and keeps it protected from the heat.

    The first product I’m going to put my hair is the Tecni.Art Super Dust. Now this is just a loose powder dust. The reason I’m starting with this is I just want a little bit more volume at my roots.

    Just kind of sprinkle it in. Rub it. I like to put it all over my crown area.

    So just like this for a little bit more structure in there and hold in the root area.

    Take your boar bristle brush and brush it in too. Take your clip. The thing that’s nice about this is you can do pretty big sections.

    This is about a one and a half inch section over my ear. Just clip that out of the way.

    Horizontally and I like to comb through so I make sure that I’m not getting caught on anything as I move through.

    Starting at the base of the section, I’ll hold it about two inches out.

    Now when you’re doing this wave you have to remember you’re you’re drawing an “X”.

    You’re almost pulling it completely towards your face, but still keeping it directed down.

    Make your little bend wave just make “S” shapes. Feed it through, clamp, smooth.

    I’m gonna go all the same direction on these. Again, my hand is speeding through. The iron is assisting a little but it’s more my hand doing the work.

    Try not to touch the wave a lot after you do it, because you really want it to cool without your hands pulling it apart.

    You want it to cool and the exact pattern that you put it in.

    Brush through.

    I’m starting it down here. So you’re making the little “S”, just feeding it through. I hold it a little bit longer because it is a little bit thicker of a section.

    how to make S waves with a flat iron

    Let the waves cool. For about eight minutes.

    I’m going to go in with the L’Oreal Professional Tecni.Art Next Day Hair.

    I kind of look at it like a dry shampoo and a hairspray in one.

    Pull through and really layer it in.

    I’m gonna let that dry off and sit for a second. I’ll take my wide tooth comb and break up the pattern a little bit starting at the bottom.

    You can leave it with the wide tooth comb where it’s broken up.

    If you’re gonna leave it there, then go ahead and put your hair spray in over the hairspray. If you wanted something a little bit more glam, a little bit more feminine.

    Then I’ll take my boar bristle brush and really brush through.

    See how it gets like a completely different look, it looks a little more glam, a little more 70s. And then it would finish that off with the hairspray.

    Another way you could glam up the waves if you’re a little bit over the beach wave, is to use the Tecni.Art Web, which is a new product that’s like a pomade. But it has fiber in it.

    Just put like a tiny bit on the tips of your fingers. A little fiber hit, a little bit of stickiness, but it’s not too heavy.

    I’m just going to go through my ends and polish a little bit, make them a little more defined and add a little bit extra shine. So keep that texture.

    See it just makes it a little more polished and refined.

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