How to Make Dirty Hair Look Good

    how to make dirty hair look good
    How To Deal With Dirty Hair | Beauty Home School | By L'Oreal

    Tips and tricks how to extend the life of your shampoo and how to make dirty hair look good.

    So before we get into the tutorial, we got to talk about your prep work. So if you’re not prepping, it’s not gonna work well for you.

    So the first things I do whenever I hop into, the showers I’ve got to clarify my hair. So my clarifier of choice is Redken’s Detox Hair Cleansing Cream.

    Because we’re going like 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 days between shampoos. This is just going to clean off everything.

    And what’s really cool about it compared to a lot of other hair cleansing shampoos that I’ve used, is that this one is really honestly great for all hair types.

    So it doesn’t matter if you’re curly, if you’re dry, anybody and everyone can use it. And you would use it like once, maybe twice a week if you work out a lot.

    After you’ve used the Hair Cleansing Cream, you got to follow up with an appropriate shampoo and conditioner for your hair.

    The one that I’m currently using is Redken’s Brown Light Shampoo and Conditioner. This is a blue based shampoo and conditioner.

    We’ve all heard of purple shampoos and purple shampoos are great if you’re blonde. The purple neutralizes out like the yellow brassy tones in your hair. But because I’m a brunette, I deal more with orange-y tones.

    A blue shampoo and conditioner is where it’s at. I mean they were not playing around with this stuff.

    Okay, so you’ve hopped out of the shower, you blow dry, your hair, it’s dry. Like what do you do now? Right?

    how to make dirty hair look good

    We all love dry shampoo, but it works really a lot better if you use it before you get oily instead of afterwards. That way, as you’re getting oily throughout the day, it’s working the whole day with you.

    My dry shampoo of choice right now is our Invisible Dry Shampoo.

    What you’re going to do is you’re going to take your hair, just like you normally would, lift it up, give your dry shampoo a really good shake, and you’re gonna hold it out a little ways from your head, and you’re gonna spray it right at your roots.

    You guys can see no white cast.

    But just give it like a shake and kind of distribute it through your hair. It’s nice, that does give me a little bit of volume so that my hair is not sitting on my scalp. Because if my hair is just sitting on my scalp, it’s more likely to grab a lot of the oils and get oilier faster.

    Alright, so now that our hair is prepped, let’s get on to the tutorial. So what I’m going to show you to do is like a really low snatched bun, but that’s not going to be a real slicked back bun.

    Best Cordless Hair Styling Tools

    It’s going to be really textured and soft and really lived in. What you guys are going to need is a comb or a brush.

    I’ve got a comb here with me. I’ve got a elastic, and I usually like to have a texturizing spray with me. This is the Triple Take.

    This is a texturizing spray, not a dry shampoo. So dry shampoo is going to clean your hair, texturizing spray is going to give you volume and texture and like grittiness.

    You want to shake up your Triple Take and just kind of spray it in everywhere. And don’t forget to grab your hair and pull it up and get like in between your layers.

    Otherwise, it’s just going to sit on the top and you’re not going to get it like everywhere like you need it to be. If you’ve got a brush, you’re going to brush your hair back.

    Grab my hair tie first I’m going to put that on my wrist and I’m going to take my hair over my back and I’m going to bring it into a really low ponytail.

    And then what I’m going to do is I’m going to kind of push my hair up. Got like a little bump, and then with your other hand, you’re going to grab the end of your ponytaill and you’re going
    to start to twist it.

    And then as you start to twist it, it’s going to start like wrapping itself around itself. You’re going to twist it while you’re wrapping.

    What you’re going to do is you’re going to hold it and you’re going to start grabbing pieces of hair and you’re going to start pulling them up.

    And then once I have the amount of hair that I want out, I’m going to take my, my rubber band, my ponytail holder, and I’m just gonna go and secure my, my little ponytail just like that.

    I really like to do this what I’m about on day, day three when it’s starting to get a little too greasy and it’s not laying very nice or it’s starting to get a little stiff.

    I love doing a ponytail like this. Take a little bit more of your Triple Take and just give it a little spray throughout because you can never have enough texture spray in your hair.

    I’m going to finish this off a little bit of Triple Pure Hairspray just to give it a little bit of hold in my bangs.

    And then the last thing I do with this look is because if I’ve got dirty hair, it starts to look kind of dried out. And this is a really good tip for a lot of you guys especially that have color treated hair that have bleached hair or if you’re curly and your hair is naturally really dry.

    Throw a little bit of Shine Flash in there. It’s going to give it just a little bit of shine. But because it’s an oil in a can, it’s also going to give you a little bit of moisture too.

    Super quick, takes five minutes, and it’s a really great way to wear your hair when it’s starting to get dirty. And then also a really cool tip say you don’t want to wear your hair up and you want to wear it down but it’s just starting to get really stiff, it’s not really moving like clean hair

    You can go in with something like our Iron Shape and spray it through in the morning. And then take your blow dryer with a round brush, some sort of brush and just hit it on there and kind of keep your hair up and it’s going to totally reset your style.

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