How to Look Younger With Grey Hair (5 Tips)

    How to Look Younger With Grey Hair

    If you want to have grey hair and you want to know how to take 20 years off, look a bit more younger, I’m going to tell you five of my top tips for doing just that in this article.

    If I’m honest, I’m a little on the fence on this topic.

    There’s part of me that fully understands the desire to look as youthful as possible at any age. I fully get it.

    But then there’s the other side of me that thinks that there’s something really amazing and extremely important about being confident in yourself at whatever age or whatever look.

    Like smile lines. I love those wrinkles, I think they look fantastic on people. I think they tell a story.

    But I also understand that there’s a lot of people out there that do want to look the most youthful that they can for whatever age that they are.

    So if that is who you are, there’s nothing wrong with that and this article is 100% for you.

    I’m gonna jump straight into tips.

    How to Look Younger With Grey Hair

    How to Look Younger With Grey Hair

    1. Not having your hair too long.

    A lot of times I see people equate or marry the idea of long hair to being youthful. And when I’m speaking of long hair, I mean anything really beyond the bra strap.

    As hair gets longer than that, it becomes almost impossible to layer shape into that hair. Shape in hair allows you to accentuate things about your face shape that you want to accentuate.

    Typically speaking when we’re talking about youth or looking more youthful, we’re talking about lifting the face up, lifting the eye up, accentuating cheek structure. I talk about it all the time.

    In order to do that, we have to be able to cut shape into the hair and have layers in areas that lighten up, that get a little bit more volume, that create volume in areas that accentuate things about your face.

    The thing is, layers are dependent on length. How long your hair is determines how long your layers need to be for them to balance and still make sense and look good.

    But when your hair is that long, the layers have to be so long to still balance that they actually end up still being heavy hair. You’re not really getting the shape that you could get. Once you bring the length up a little bit, even though the layers balance with the length, they still are a lot shorter of hair than they were when they were longer.

    That difference in length, in the layers, allows for a lot more movement and shape and ultimately allows us to create a better overall shape for you. It helps us look more younger.

    2. Tip number two is avoiding having your hair too stiff, having a style that’s just too plastered.

    Many times that can lend itself to a little bit more of an older look. If you’re trying to be more youthful, you want to have a little bit more movement within your style.

    More often than not, when I see clients that have a more contrived look, that are using more sprays or keeping things stiffer, it’s typically because they’re trying to create a certain amount of volume in their hair and they’re feeling this is their only option to create that.

    There are different techniques to create volume in your hair while at the same time still having movement, so it doesn’t get too stiff.

    But just understand that it is important that you have some movement and flow to your hair, because that’s going to have a tendency to look a lot more youthful.

    3. The third tip is layering your your hair, not keeping it one length.

    The problem with not having any sort of layering is it gets back into not having the ability to create shape. But the bigger problem is when your hair is at one length, even on shorter hair or below the chin and longer, it’ll have a tendency to get wider at the bottom and that tends to bring the eye down.

    Regardless of the fact that the style will lack any sort of real movement and it won’t have any real overall shape in the hair, it will also create a situation where it brings your eye down and that has a tendency to make people look more tired and less youthful.

    You want to definitely not steer away from having layers.

    4. Tip number four is about having a little bit more fun or edge with the cut.

    Because your hair is gray, unless you colored your hair gray, and it’s platinum, if it’s a natural gray, more often than not, it has a tendency to lean towards a little bit more of the conservative side.

    Therefore you can get away with a little bit more of an edgy cut, because an edgy cut and the conservative side of the color will have a tendency to balance out a little bit more.

    many times you create that edge appeal with the cut and because it’s gray, it’s a little bit of a dichotomy and it ends up being extremely striking.

    To me, one of the best things that people can do, even if you’re more on the conservative side yourself, giving your style a bit more edge. I think you’d be shocked in how striking that can come across and how you actually can wear a little bit more edge than you might think you can wear.

    5. The last tip is about giving your hair dimension.

    We’re going to step into color a little bit.

    I totally understand it doesn’t really make sense to be talking about going gray and then talking about color. How does that work’

    One of the things I do a lot of times in the salon that has worked really well is just do a few of the pepper low lights. You literally put black low lights in hair.

    If you don’t know what low lights are, think of highlights as just a darker color than the natural color. That means low light.

    And it actually gives the hair a lot of dimension, it makes the white pieces pop a little bit more, but more importantly it gives your face a little bit more richness.

    The best part about this is when done correctly, you basically only do it once or twice a year. There’s no real grow out stage. You don’t have to go back in and constantly get upkeep.

    In fact it’s actually a scenario where you don’t want to do it too often, because it can start looking too dark, but it also gives the overall shape more dimension.

    The actual haircut is going to have more movement and more flow to it. Really you’re winning on both sides.

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