How to Get Glass Hair (Trendy Look Tutorial)

    How to Get Glass Hair

    How to Get Glass Hair

    Glass hair is a hot trend and today I’m going to show you how to achieve that from the comfort of your own home using Kenra Platinum Luxe Shine Collection.

    What you gonna do first is to prepare your hair. You are gonna shampoo and condition it using Luxe Shine Shampoo and Conditioner.

    You are first gonna start out by shampooing your hair. After you lightly dampen it, you are gonna take a generous amount of Kenra Platinum Luxe Shine Shampoo and massage and lather it through your hair

    What I really love about the shampoo is that it’s really rich and I love the way that it lathers. It’s actually enriched with gold to give a really beautiful shine and it’s actually designed to transform dull, lifeless hair so it has a really beautiful, glamorous, full bodied look.

    Once you’re done shampooing, you’re gonna thoroughly rinse out the shampoo and then you’re gonna follow up with Kenra Platinum Luxe Shine Conditioner.

    You’re gonna take a generous amount and then apply it through mids and ends, making sure to really work it through the hair.

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    What I love about this conditioner is that it has a really nice slip and it leaves the hair incredibly manageable and has lots of smoothness and actually revitalizes the hair for a natural healthy looking hair.

    Once you are all done cleansing and conditioning your hair, it feels amazingly hydrated and silky to the touch.

    Now I’m going to be using Kenra Platinum Luxe One Leave-In. This is an all-in-one leaving, so what that means is you can actually use it before and after you’re done drying and you can even use this as a cutting lotion.

    The way that you’re going to use this product is you’re going to shake it really well before use and then you’re gonna firmly dispense it into your hair.

    What’s really great about this as well is it has a really beautiful thermal protection, so it’s gonna increase manageability as well as give you healthy looking hair.

    You’re going to want to make sure your product is evenly distributed throughout the hair. I usually do this by brushing it with a flat brush.

    Then using your fingers rough dry the hair to remove about 25% of the moisture, so that way it’s not sopping wet.

    Taking your flat brush, over direct the hair and really focus on drying and smoothing the roots. I usually start towards the top and then work my way on down to the nape and then right back up again.

    The end goal here is really to get the hair 80 to 90 percent dry with the roots dry and with some volume.

    Now that your hair is about 90% dry, especially at the root area, you are gonna go ahead and pre section hair, so that way you have nice clean sections for the smoothest blow-dry .

    Create a horseshoe shape section using the arch of the eyebrow as a guide. Continue making horseshoe shaped sections about two to three inches thick until you get down to the nape.

    Depending on the density of the hair the sections can be bigger or smaller.

    Now that your hair is pre sectioned, you are gonna work a little bit more of the Kenra Platinum Luxe One Leave-In throughout your hair.

    Again this is gonna give you additional thermal protection, a really beautiful manageability and slip to your hair and it’s gonna really help you smooth out a little bit of that natural texture that you have throughout your hair. Then you’re just gonna go ahead and blow-dry.

    For my hair I’m using a two inch ceramic round brush. I chose this brush because of my fine texture. If you have coarser, curly hair, I would definitely go in with the boar bristle brush because it would provide me with a lot more tension but this brush is perfect for my texture.

    Since the roots are pretty much dry, this allows you to pick up large sections and really focus on smoothing the mids and ends. The overall goal is to create a firm tension so that way you can smooth out the natural texture that you have and then give you that polished look that’s super shiny but still has lots of movement.

    Once you’re done with your first section, bring down the next and run a few more pumps of Luxe One through your hair. It’s super lightweight and provides thermal protection and slip so you don’t have to worry about overusing it.

    One of the tricks I use to provide me with enough tension is after smoothing the hair on top, I also dry the underside too. I do this by taking my brush and placing it right on top of my section and then placing my nozzle underneath the brush.

    A really important tip though is no matter which direction you have your brush, always make sure your blow-dryer and nozzle is facing in the same direction as a hair’s cuticle.

    This is really the key to making sure that the hair is super polished and the cuticle is laying as flat as possible, giving you amazing shine.

    Continue working through each section adding a few more pumps of Luxe One Leave-in. If at any time you feel the hair needs a little bit more slip, just go ahead and add a pump or two. Just remember to use tension to stretch out any natural texture and to keep your dryer and nozzle blowing in the same direction of the cuticle.

    If the hair is left looking at all frizzy you may need to apply more tension or focus on your nozzle direction.

    Once you get to your last section on the top, I usually start in the back using a two-inch section and then over direct the hair towards the face but dry it back so it will fall away from my face.

    The reason I dry this section away from the face and back is so that it has a natural fall and it is super movable depending on where you want the final part to be.

    Once I’m completely done with my blow, I have beautiful shine and all of my natural texture is completely gone because I’ve had really nice tension with the round brush.

    To finish off my hair, I’m gonna put in a little bit more of the Luxe One, just a few squirts into my hand and run it through just to take away a little bit of the flyaways and finish polishing up my hair.

    Now you’re totally able to go in and further polish the hair with a flat iron. But if you have nice good tension with your round brush and blow dryer, you really don’t need it to do too much of flatiron finishing.

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    To create center part, I’m just gonna go ahead and brush my hair right on back and then taking my rat tail comb, I’m just gonna go right on down the center to make sure it’s nice and clean and then comb my sides right on down.

    Usually I have slight little baby flyaways right on my part, which is totally normal, everyone has that, but I’m gonna fix that with a little trick.

    I’m gonna take a little bit of Kenra Platinum Finishing Spray and spray a little hair spray on my kabuki brush and then I’m just gonna smooth down those little flyaways so it looks extra polished and plus the hairspray gives it a little bit of shine as well.

    Here is the final result of glass hair technique using.

    glass hair trend

    As you can see she has tons of shine, increased manageability and it’s super silky to the touch.

    I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to get glass hair.

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