How to Get Glamorous Hollywood Waves (Hair Tutorial)

    How to Get Glamorous Hollywood Waves (Hair Tutorial)
    Step By Step Old Hollywood Soft Glamorous Waves | Hair House Call | By L'Oreal

    It has a retro feel, but it’s very modern because it’s not curled really bouncy and cutesy.

    Hey there, Redken Master Artist, Ruth Roche, I’m here with Amelia, and we’re going to show you a look that you can do very easily that is glamorous.

    It’s great for a night out, party that you can do yourself, and it’s really beautiful.

    The first thing is to blow dry your hair with Big Blowout, and this is from Redken. It’s great to add body and some texture so that when you go to style your hair. It’s not so limp, right?

    That’s what we did first, rough dry it. Her hair’s really straight, so we didn’t even try to smooth it out or anything if it already is. If your hair is wavy, go ahead and give it a little bit of a smooth with a round brush or paddle brush before you go into the next step.

    That we’re going to do is go ahead and put a part in there. Keep it nice and deep, and indicate a little bit of Triple Take 32, which is a strong hairspray. It’s great when you’re styling your hair for a night out, you want it to stay. But also, if you mess up or you don’t like it, you can brush it out.

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    I’m just going to take a section that goes down and separates the side from the back right at the back of your ear.

    Starting in the back, you’re going to use Iron Shape 11 from Redken. This is about an inch. We’re going to spray the Iron Shape onto the hair.

    Take your one and a quarter inch iron, and you’re going to wrap it around the air. Bring it out, back in, and you see that steam is coming from the product.

    We’re just going to put a little bit of a bend in the hair, super simple, keeping the iron vertical with the iron pointing up towards the ceiling, rolling it up, coming out. And then we’ll be ironing out.

    If you’re doing this by yourself, what you can do is split your hair right down the middle, and that way you can get some volume and body in the back without having to contort your body. Going in with Iron Shape 11. Iron goes in, and we opened the iron pointed up towards the
    ceiling. Roll it out. Roll it back up.

    How to Get Glamorous Hollywood Waves (Hair Tutorial)

    Push on the lever and back out a little bit. Roll it back up, never gonna drop it down, and you can keep your ends straighter or you can keep them more bent.

    With this look, you want to keep everything going in the same direction, say and start on one side, roll everything back in a way and come around this side.

    It’s going to be rolling forward. In this left section on your right hand side you’re just going to comb it back.

    First use your Iron Shape, and then we’re going to put the iron in behind your ear. And then we’re going to work back towards the front again. Just go back.

    You see she’s got some really fun color going on. That’s Amelia. Okay, so that just gives us a nice little bit of a bend all the way around.

    The next step is the top inside part the hair almost right down the middle there. You’ve got this one section in your hand. And what you’re going to do is comb it straight up.

    Place the barrel under the hair, and just start to roll it around until you get the ends all the way in. And we’re just going to leave it there for a sec. Use a clip, a hair clip, and just clip that into place. That’s going to be the beginning of our wave.

    Then we’re going to do that with two more sections. And it’s important that you don’t drag your hair down like this. Try to keep it lifted up.

    Now, if it falls out like that, don’t worry. Flip it and roll it back into itself. The key with the clip, here’s a tip is open it first putting one part against your head and one part through the curl. And then our last section, you just let it hang down.

    These little friends, we’re just going to go in and do a quick once over and make it into a curl. Before we go to brush it out, we’re going to use our Triple Take 32. I’ve got a paddle brush here. And what we’re going to do is just brushed through it.

    So simple, right?

    Brushing through you’re just letting that fall around the front. So this is tucked behind the ear. It has a retro feel, but it’s fairly modern because it’s not curled, really bouncy and cutesy. And then what we’re going to do is just push it out on this side too.

    You can see by doing it all the same direction, you get a little bit more of a wave in there as opposed to the curls. Now we’re going to take out our two big curls in the front that droppeddown, let that drop down. Just brush it. Brush it a little bit back and let it fall forward.

    You can brush it down, and then just push it back up. I’m just running my fingers through it now so it’s not too structured looking.

    The last thing that we’re going to do is use Shine Flash from Redken. And we’re just going to lightly spray it over the surface and smooth it with our hands. And it’s just going to give a little bit more of that gloss and that shine through her hair.

    Here’s Amelia with her glam look. Tuck behind the ear, smooth waves in the back, going to a little more broken up towards the front in a nice slow wave.

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