How to Fix Oily Roots and Dry Ends

    how to fix oily roots and dry ends
    How To Address An Oily Scalp And Dry Ends | Ask A Stylist | By L'Oreal

    Do you feel like your ends are dry but your roots are weighed down? Do you feel like you can never get enough volume because your roots are so oily?

    Or are you perplexed when people say they go three, four or even five days without washing?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, then keep watching to find out how to address your oily roots and dry ends.

    Hi there, my name is Tamiko Andrews, and I’m a Kérastase artist as well as a cutting specialist and the Director of Education at the house of J. Henry in Portland, Maine.

    Why should we be concerned about an oily scalp? Hair roots have sebaceous glands that secrete an oily like substance called sebum.

    Excess sebum can attract dirt more easily can cause dandruff and makes the hair stick together. Worst case scenario, too much sebum can clog the hair force which then could cause some hair loss.

    Let’s talk about Kérastase Divalent range.

    Some key ingredients are ceramides, amino acids, and kaolin clay.

    Ceramide is going to help improve the hair fibers ability to resist breakage and lock in moisture. Amino acids is going to help gently cleanse and balance the hair fiber, while kaolin clay is going to act like a sponge. This is going to absorb excess sebum and hair pollution.

    For the Divalent routine we’re going to apply the Argile Équilibrante to the root of wet hair.

    Lather and pull through the length rinse thoroughly. This product is going to remove impurities without stripping the hair, leaves the scalp feeling invigorated and refreshed, and provides a root lift effect.

    We’re going to use this purifying clay once a week.

    Next, we’re going to shampoo the hair with Bain Divalent.

    This ultra lightweight formula helps purify balance and reduce scalp oiliness. It adds volume to flat hair and facilitates to tangling.

    I’m going to cleanse the hair twice. We’re going to finish this haircare routine with Masque Réhydratant.

    One thing that I love about this mask is gel-like consistency. This mask is so lightweight, and is loaded with ceramides, which is going to help rebalance the hairs hydration by locking in nutrients.

    We’re going to give a nice scalp massage to let this mass stay on for about five minutes.

    how to fix oily roots and dry ends

    Potentialiste Hair & Scalp Serum is going to help with an unbound scalp normal, dry, oily or sensitive the gel like texture is going to absorb into the hair very quickly, and it has a long lasting fragrance.

    It’s also going to help the scalp feel refreshed and revitalized. We’re going to apply three pipettes onto the scalp. One pipette is equal up to the black line. We’re going to apply it on to the scalp.

    Massage it in, and once you massage it in, we’re going to style the hair and send our guests on their way.

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