How to do Rita Hayworth Hair (Tutorial)

    Rita Hayworth Vintage Hair Tutorial // How To Curl Your Hair [CC]

    Hi lovelies. So this look is one of my absolute favorites.

    It’s what I like to call my Rita Hayworth Gilda fun hair.

    This look basically says that, you know what? I’m a vintage girl, but I’m a girl who’s too busy having too much fun to worry about my perfect waves.

    This is just a big head of fun curls. And you can do so much with it afterwards, once it’s like this.

    How to do Rita Hayworth Hair (Tutorial)

    Here is the basic rolling technique to this excellent, fun, fluffy do.

    And you can just put it in rollers. You don’t have to worry about pin curls, any of that.

    I hope you have great fun doing this look and also wearing this look.

    Let’s turn this very straight hair into some gorgeous, bouncy, Rita Hayworth curls.

    We’re going to be using large blue rollers and slightly smaller pink ones.

    First things first, make sure you have a lovely, straight, clean, side part.

    Our first roller in the front is the largest, and we are going to be lightly dipping them into a bowl of water.

    Roll your hair over the top and backwards, away from your face.

    We’re going to take the rollers straight over the top and all of our side rollers will also be upright.

    Curl away from the front of the face and again, towards the back.

    This pattern is similar to the style I used in my casual pin-up look.

    We’re going to be using the pink rollers from now on. And wow, is my hair long!

    Make sure you’re tucking in those ends. Although, spoiler, we’re going for bouncy, fun curls. So really don’t panic too much.

    Close up! In order to avoid dents in your hair, keep the plastic clips as close to your hairline as possible.

    Rita Hayworth, of course, classically made her hair waves with pink curls. And she was actually Latina with naturally curly hair. But Columbia Pictures decided to change her ethnicity. But that’s a whole other video.

    I find pin curls aren’t as user friendly sponge rollers. They’re fiddly, can be difficult to accurately copy, and they don’t always dry properly.

    Right, here is the hair we have left. Split it in half and curl towards the center.

    As you can see, the sections of hair aren’t that regulated. Because we’re not going for waves or perfect strips of hair. But instead, wild curls at the bottom.

    Carefully uncurl your hair into ringlets. Grab your paddle brush and brush.

    Brush out your fringe. Whoop! And flop it in your face. If your hair is strong enough to hold itself up in the front, then you don’t need to back comb.

    But if it’s a smoother textured one like mine and flops, then please, back comb away. Beautiful, bouncing curls!

    Grab your pomade or wax of your choice. We’re only going to be using very little. You only need a little bit.

    And don’t forget the hairspray.

    Here it is! Big, beautiful, soft, bouncing Rita Hayworth curls. And here’s the classic “Gilda” moment.

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