How to Do Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

    how to do fishtail braid hairstyle
    Easy Holiday Fishtail Braid Hairstyle For Textured Hair | Hair House Call | By L'Oreal

    Today, for all my texture hair peeps, I want to share an easy style that you can try this season.

    For this look, I’m just going to use a couple of materials.

    I have a rat tail comb, detangling brush, a twisty tie, and Humidity Resistant Mist. Don’t forget to also grab a couple of bobby pins.

    I’m just going to section her hair where I want the part to be is just make it easier for me to work with.

    I’m going to section her hair in three quadrants, two before the ear and one behind the ear.

    Now what I want to do is gather her into a nice ponytail. I’ve given myself some clean sections ear to ear and then her section in the back. And I’m gonna use HRM as a hold as I continue to smooth gently with their column.

    Now she’s totally detangled and nice and smoothed out. I’m going to gather her in a very low pony using the humidity resistant mist as my working spray. Then I will secure her with my ponytail holder.

    Now that I have her ponytail nice and secured, I’m going to start on her shallow less dense side, and I’m going to do the same thing.

    But this time, I’m going to carve out just a little hair around her face so that we can leave that around her face as an accent.

    Again, using HRM, and then just gently coming into place so that it’s nice and neat. Then I’m going to secure it with another ponytail holder.

    Now let’s do the same thing on her dominant side.

    But this time, we’re going to carve out some space, but we’re only going to go about as far across her face as the last section.

    This section is a little bit falling to the side of her eye, and I’m going to carve out the same section and the same area on her dominant side just so that we have a little bit of something to play with around the face.

    Now that she’s completely in her ponytail, we’re going to do a fishtail braid. So separate the hair that’s hanging down in two spaces. Going to take a little piece from behind one section, you’re going to cross it over and join it to the next.

    On the other side, you’re going to do the same thing. Take one small piece from that section, and cross it over to join it to the next we’re going to do the same thing all the way down till we reach the end where we can secure.

    Notice as I’m braiding, I’m keeping it nice and tight. And don’t worry about each section being completely perfect. I think it gives the braid some interest. Just make sure your sections are nice and clean so that you can see the intricacies.

    Now that she’s completely done, this is where I like to have a little fun. I’m going to introduce some ribbon to the picture.

    First, I’m going to start off by hiding the existing ponytail holder. I’m just going to simply wrap my ribbon around and secure it to make sure that everything is nice and hidden. You can simply wrap and tuck use a bobby pin to secure it or you can tie it as I did.

    Now I’m going to take my second piece of ribbon, I’m going to go about midway down and create a little knot. Once you create that knot, you can begin to wrap to secure and hide the knot.

    While you wrap, wrap nice and tight. I’m wrapping spiraling downward to secure and to also hide the end of the knot I created. Once you’re done, take a bobby pin and secure it behind.

    Now I’m going to take my last piece of ribbon, create a bow and then cut the ends to size. Now that that’s finished, I’m going to begin to gently pull apart my braid just so that we create a little volume doesn’t really matter how much you pull out. Just make sure you don’t unravel the braid you’ve created.

    Now that that’s all done, I’m going to go ahead and crawl her front pieces. Just gonna spray to reinforce and comb out the curls to create softness. I hope all of those tips were super helpful and just remember don’t overthink it. Just have fun. Anything you do is going to provide a little interest anyway. Add some accessories to be a little festive.

    how to do fishtail braid hairstyle

    I think we nailed it. A little twinning, right?

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