How to Curl a Lob (Long Bob)

    how to curl a lob
    How to Curl a Lob (Long Bob) | Easy Curling Iron Technique for Medium Length Hair | Daniella Benita

    I’m going to be doing a tutorial of how to curl a lob (long bob).

    First take a clip and your pinky, and just right where the temple is, that’s gonna be our first section.

    You’re just gonna clip that back just like that.

    I’m gonna use a one-inch iron. Make sure it’s hot. That is pro tip, make sure it heats up, do not start until it’s nice and hot.

    The first section do like an inch. I’m gonna wrap it flat around the iron, and now I’m gonna tap it just like this.

    Give it like 10 seconds and we’re just gonna pull down gently and it’s gonna get you that perfect wave.

    I’m gonna do the same thing on this section. So wrap the hair flat, ten seconds, and then gently pull down.

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    The next section. You take your finger and do about another inch, right near that temple, and I’m gonna do this piece toward the face now.

    Same thing. Wrap it, keep that first wave eye level. You’ll always have the perfect face frame if it’s eye level.

    Then we’re gonna pull down and then same thing here toward the face. Keep that wave eye level and then pull down.

    Bring down the rest of the hair.

    how to curl a lob

    We’re gonna take this front piece, so it’s like a nice inch. Same thing. This time we’re doing it away from the face, eye level.

    We’re gonna give it ten seconds and pull down. Just hold. What that does is gently elongates the curl, so you don’t have that tight wave. It really makes that perfect bend.

    And then same thing away, nice and flat and keep that curl right at eye level. Gently hold.

    After this I’m taking just a little texture spray. Just spraying a little. Don’t touch it. What that’s gonna do is let these waves set and cool down.

    And then we’re gonna do the same thing on the other side.

    Take your pinky, go right from the temple, pin this back, we’re going to start with this piece here, and take our irons.

    Same thing. Wrap it nice and flat and give it about ten seconds. Stay with this piece, wrap it flat. Next section. I’m gonna do half of this, pull it up, clip it away, take this one-inch piece. This time wrapping it toward the face and then curl eye level.

    Nice and flat, wrap it, keep that curl the same level and pull down gently.

    Last section. make sure you get a nice wide piece for the front. I’m gonna go eye level, so right at the eye, that’s where that first bend is.

    Take it gently, hold. I’m going to finish the front, away from the face, same level as the first one and then pull down.

    Spray it to hold and then we’re not gonna touch it we’re just gonna let all this curl set and go into place.

    For the last section, we’re gonna repeat the same thing we did in the front, but what I like to do is take each wave and each follows itself and then I flip it. So all these are gonna go this way, all those are gonna do this way. It just makes it more messy in the back. The front, I like it to have a little bit more cohesion.

    We’re gonna wrap towards the face. I always give the back more time too because the hair tends to be healthier, so I would even give in the back 15 seconds each curl, because they tend to not curl as well.

    And then you’re just following the same direction.

    Next section. Do about an inch up, clip this away and now all the curls were going this way, now we’re gonna go this way.

    Take type of section, a nice inch, clip the rest away, so those went this way, we’re gonna go back this way.

    Last section. Just bring it all down and now we’re going to go back this way.

    One more spray.

    how to curl a long bob

    What I like to use is pomade and I know that sounds scary but it’s awesome. I take my finger and you’re literally just gonna tuck it in the jar and pop out what comes on the nail. That way you get the perfect amount and you’re not doing too much.

    Put it in your palm and just heat it up a little bit and you want something with a little bit of grit. You don’t want it to be too shiny.

    And then what I’m gonna do is take my hands underneath and I’m just gonna massage it in and slightly drag out the curls.

    Why I like doing this is it gives a ton of volume, it also gets all the product in the back first, so you don’t put too much in the front and make the hair greasy.

    I also love the way weave gets pulled out when it’s toward the face.

    So after that I take the rest that’s on my hands and I just take the front pieces and I pull them up and I just coat them a little bit and then I let it fall back and that’ll just perfectly face frame you.

    And I pull these little parts right here and take my thumb’s and I just wiggle them forward and that’s gonna give you that really pretty bend in the front.

    You can take the rest, you literally, just almost like you’re starting a fire, right on the ends. That’s gonna give them that awesome texture without doing too much product.

    Spray it all one more time.

    This is the final look, obsessed with it. It’s the perfect amount of messy sexy, but it also looks done.

    Anytime you use product, just so you guys know, you can’t put your hands through it. Don’t use it.

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