How Do You do a French Twist Updo (Tutorial)

    Easy French Twist Updo | Cute Girls Hairstyles

    I’m gonna show you how to do the simplest, easiest French twist you’ve ever done.

    So here’s the thing. This one is truly so simple. You could do it on wet hair if you were on the beach and you needed something that looked nice, you could do it from day to night transition for date night, it’s really simple.

    Okay, I’m gonna start with my hair, it’s just down. I straightened it this morning ’cause I’m working on several hairdos.

    I’m gonna be using my Hairitage paddle brush and just pulling it all up into a ponytail.

    Now you can see, I have natural cuts, so it’s not all gonna go back.

    So we’re just gonna let what wants to fall, fall, it’s fine. Whatever, you do you.

    So for this one, we’re just going, basically, you want it dead center on your head. Not too high, not low, dead center.

    You’re gonna take an elastic and just elastic it as tight as you can.

    For me, it’s three times around, like this. Basic ponytail.

    Now I’m gonna do one thing before I move on.

    So my hair is straight today, which means for my hair, that’s very slick. It feels fine. If you don’t want flyaways, one thing you can do,
    if you have fine hair that’s more silky texture, use a little texturizing spray and just dirty it up.

    This is what we call adding grit to your hair. A lot of times, a hairstyle is better if you’ve got some grit in it. So right now, just adding grit and texture to it. And it’ll just kind of help.

    I don’t know how to explain it. It just helps everything hold a little bit better if you don’t already have natural texture in your hair,
    or it’s not super curly from the way you styled it that day.

    I’m gonna take this. I’m gonna pull it away from my head maybe two inches. And you don’t want to do too far, just enough to loosen it so that you can basically get your fingers through.

    Now I’m gonna try to go pretty much center and I’m gonna try to go just straight through. Making my way through. Make you a little hole on the other side. Basically.

    Okay, then you’re going to just put your thumb in there. So now you got your pinchers, you got your little hole on the side and your pinchers. We’re gonna take this, we’re gonna flip it through.

    If you want to use a giant topsy tail on this part, you can do that, too. I’m just gonna use my fingers. Make sure I get it all. Give it a good old tug. Flip it through.

    Now, we gotta just untangle it all. Make sure you get it all. Now we have the bulk of your hair on this side ’cause it’s flipped through.

    You can see immediately that it kind of gave me a little bump in the front. That’s good. That’s what French twists look like when they’re done right.

    Now, on this part, you can back comb a little if you want to tease it up a little. You can add a little more texture spray if you want.
    You can do nothing if you want. If you’re sitting on the beach, don’t bother. It just depends on what you’re doing and if you really want it fancy or not.

    So, go take an elastic. I’m gonna go down, I have a bunch of layers in my hair, so I can’t go down too far or I start missing layers.

    So I’m gonna go down to where I think I can get the bulk of my hair in without layers falling out. You can even see I have little ear hairs here, we’ll deal with in a minute. Take this. Bobby pins.

    Now we’re gonna swoop this back over. And we’re just gonna kind of try to tuck, roll and tuck and hide these little endies. And basically, you can do it by rolling it or you can just straight up tuck ’em in. It’s up to you. But they gotta go back in, they gotta hide.

    And then, bobby pin to hold it in place.

    All right. And there is the bulk of the French twist.

    How Do You do a French Twist Updo (Tutorial)

    At this point, it’s just tweaking.

    If you want it a little more loose on the top, loosen it up. If these don’t, you can pull these in front of your ears. You can slick ’em back and add a little hairspray so that everything stays nice and laid.

    It just depends on your hair how you want it to sit.

    If I were at the beach doing this, I would totally leave it just loose and flowy because you want it to just look relaxed.

    So today, I’m polishing a little more than I might, depending on the situation. Anyway, just polish it up. I’m gonna let my little baby hairs on my neck stay.

    And there you go.

    Okay, let’s do the final spin so you guys can see it. So good. So easy.

    It looks like you spent a ton of time on it when it really didn’t take that long.

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