5 Hair Mistakes That Age You!

    Hair Mistakes That Age You

    There are mistakes you’re making right now with your hair that are making you look older.

    I’m gonna share my top tips on how to make sure you’re not making those mistakes.

    This article is all about mistakes that you may be making right now that are making you look older. And you know what? by the end of this article, you’re going to know exactly how to make sure that you don’t make any of those mistakes anymore

    Let’s dive into the article.

    5 Hair Mistakes That Age You!

    Hair Mistakes That Age You

    1. Mistake number one is a center part.

    The problem with center part is that they take away any ability to create volume in the top. If we’re talking about age defying looks, then what we need to understand is we want to accentuate cheek structure, we want to accentuate bone structure, we want to lift the eye up.

    Part of the way you do that is by creating volume in the top, but as long as there’s a part down the center, it doesn’t allow us to do that.

    The worst part is not only does it take the volume away from the top, in doing that it also adds more volume to the side, which actually brings the eye down.

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    2. Mistake number two is all about length and having the hair too long.

    Taking the hair shorter is not going to make anybody look older. Anytime we’ve got hair that’s too long, it means that we’re dictated with how short we can cut the layers, which means that the hair even though it’s been layered, could still be heavy and long.

    One of the biggest things is we want to make sure that hair is not too long. It doesn’t mean it has to be short. It just means that it has to be short enough that the layers can be short enough that we can actually create shape.

    3. Mistake number three is not styling your hair. I know that in many times people just don’t have time to style their hair and that’s fine. I totally understand that.

    When you have shorter hair, you are getting volume in the right areas even before you style it. But many times, especially if your hair is longer, without styling it, you’re not creating volume in the right areas. You’re not giving it a foundation to create volume in the right areas.

    So taking the time to put some product in it, to get some volume in it and to start styling some shape into it, that is a huge deal.

    4. Mistake number four that people are making is putting volume in the wrong places. Kind of piggybacking to what we were talking about with layering and what we’ve been talking about throughout this entire article, which is where we have volume is important.

    It all is about creating a certain face shape. It’s gonna change a little bit for each individual face shape.

    If you’ve got a very long face, then you don’t want a ton of volume up and nothing on the side. It’s going to over elongate it and it’s not gonna be beneficial to your overall shape.

    If you’ve got a very full face, you want to be aware of having too much volume to the sides and make sure that you have enough at the top to offset it.

    Paying attention to where you put volume for your specific face shape is absolutely key to creating volume in the right areas so that you get the shape that you want.

    What’s the last tip?

    5. The last mistake is not recognizing the potential benefits of color. I’m not against people not doing color, I’m not the person that says everybody has to do color, but I do believe that there are a lot of potential benefits in doing color.

    There’s always an option and that’s really my only point.

    Natural hair typically has some different tones to it. There are some multi tones in it, it’s not all basically one color.

    With that said, many times it’s not quite enough to add dimension. When you add color, that color adds a little bit of dimension. You see more movement, it doesn’t look all one tone and end up just blending together and not really giving the hair as much shape as we would like.

    Just the simple act of adding some dimension through low lights or highlights or even darker color at the roots, stuff like that, just that simple act of adding that dimension can play a huge role in what’s going on with where your eyes head, where you’re drawing that emphasis and ultimately just making your hair look more youthful in general.

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