Going From Long Hair to Short Hair (Before and After)

    going from long hair to short hair

    When going from long hair to short hair, it is crucial to figure out what looks best with your face shape.

    We’ll go over some different face shapes and which hairstyles would be best for you to choose if you’re looking for a shorter haircut.

    Long to Short Haircuts (Before and After)

    How important is it to get the right style for your face’

    It’s very important.

    Purely because of the decisions that you need to make. I mean, gone are the days where everybody wants that oval appearance.

    Back in the 90s, it was always make everyone have the appearance of oval. But our views on beauty and fashion have changed.

    Now all face shapes have so many benefits and really it’s about knowing.

    going from long hair to short hair

    There are seven main face shapes.

    We’ve got a heart-shaped face to start with. You can also call it triangular face shape.

    This is wider at the temple area and narrows down towards the chin.

    Now again, it’s important that you must work out that you are this face shape, because if you accentuate or want to accentuate your face shape and it’s a brilliant heart-shaped face (it is brilliant because you have quite good cheekbones) and if you put something like a top not on to somebody with a heart-shaped face, you’re going to accentuate it.

    When it comes to a haircut, what you can do is you can create more hair through cheek area, which balances the shape, obviously because you’ve got the width at the top.

    What you want to do is you’re gonna choose a style that minimizes your forehead. Choose style with bangs and a nice half-up half-down style with a fringe hanging in the front.

    So it’s really important that you do diagnose what you are.

    Number two is square face shape.

    With this one, it’s similar to rectangular, except it’s a little bit shorter. There’s not much angling from forehead to cheekbones to your jaw, but it does square out against the jaw.

    Many models in fashion have quite strong features, quite square faces, so it’s a brilliant face shape to have.

    With a square face shape, you can enhance it or you can neutralize it and balance it out.

    So styles to choose are those that take away from that, asymmetrical styles, side-swept bangs, anything that creates an angle for you that you’re not receiving from your face shape.

    For example if you want to make it more square, you can add something like a fringe, something that’s going to really accentuate the jawline.

    You could also go for a bob shape, which would make it look even more square. Or you can get some length and draw the eyes down. That will just soften the face look.

    Number three is a round face shape.

    Don’t be disappointed if you have a round face. A round face holds on to its youthful traits more than any other face shape. So if you have a round face, you will look younger and it actually means you can hold on to a lot younger haircut as well, which is I think is absolutely amazing.

    Just try not to go for a big round haircut and accentuate it. Go for some softness, I would always recommend giving something that really softens the overall face shape.

    The best haircut to go for if you’re wanting a short hairstyle is something with the side-swept bang because then it draws the attention across and downward, towards the ends of the face, giving the effect of a longer face.

    Number four is long face shape.

    Again a fringe is a classic on a long face because it draws the eyes down, but you must be conscious that you don’t wear your hair too close to the face, so it doesn’t draw you down. Too long with no shape is just gonna pull you down.

    Next is oval shape shape.

    This shape face is more symmetrical, it’s gonna be more even from forehead to jawline.

    It’s been the most popular for generations, which I just don’t think isn’t the case anymore.

    In the past, if you were a square, you would try and appear oval, if you’re a heart shape you were to try and appear oval, because it’s so well-balanced.

    As far as which shorter hairstyle is best for this face shape, you could really go for anything.

    The diamond face shape is our next shape and usually with this face shape, there’s gonna be more prominent cheekbones.

    Starting from the forehead, there’s more of an angle to the cheekbone and then there’s going to be another harsher angle from cheekbone down to the jawline.

    To really enhance your features, you want to choose style with bangs, texture and lots of layers.

    Our next face shape is gonna be the rectangular face shape. This face shape is a little bit longer face. So from your forehead down to your jawline is gonna be more of a straight and no angles, and then at the jawline it’s gonna square out a little bit.

    To help with these features, you’re going to choose a style that has bangs, layers and texture.

    How to Determine Your Face Shape

    How do you know what face shape you are? If you look in a mirror and you don’t know’

    There is a really simple trick and all you need is a mirror and a tiny little bit of lip line.

    Just drew dots around the outline of your face and all you do is you just join the dots up.

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