How to Fishtail Braid, Step by Step Tutorial

    How to Fishtail Braid, Step by Step

    In this tutorial you will find out how to fishtail braid step by step.

    HOW TO: Half Up Fishtail Braid | Kenra

    Today I’m gonna show you how to do this really easy to do half-up half-down fishtail braid style.

    In order to get started, we’re going to be using Kenra Professional Color Maintenance Thermal Spray and the reason why I’m going to be using this is because it’s gonna give me a really nice hold but also that thermal protection that she needs in order to protect freshly colored hair.

    I’m going to go ahead and curl her hair with a one-inch wand, starting from the bottom up.

    I just finished curling the entire back section of her hair and I went ahead and sectioned from ear to ear, but taking the section right through the apex of the hedge. This is gonna be her entire front section that we’re actually gonna be braiding and pinning up half up and half down.

    I went ahead and switched my wand size so this is about a 1 and a quarter or one and a half inch wand size. I’m gonna curl the very top front section with that. That way it’s not going to be as tight as the back, since we’re gonna be braiding, I don’t really want it that tight and I don’t want to see the bend so much in the hair.

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    I just finished curling her hair and now I’m gonna get ready to section her hair for the Mohawk braid that I’m gonna create right on the top.

    I’m just gonna be using the corners of her eyebrows as a guide and just bringing that section right on back.

    I’m just doing a little bit of zigzags so that way it looks nice and soft as I start to braid it

    I’m just gonna keep these sections a little bit separated so it gives me a little bit cleaner of a section to work with. Then I’m gonna use a little bit of texturizing taffy, just like a little pea-sized cuz I love using that in my hands anytime I’m working with up styling.

    Now I’m just gonna create a fishtail braid.

    How to Fishtail Braid, Step by Step

    In order to get it started, you’re just going to take a horizontal section and split it in half and then take a section from each side and cross it over and marry it to the interior and you’re going to do this twice on each side just to get it started.

    Once you do that, you’re going to start gathering hair from the exterior and continue to marry hair.

    Once you get to a point where you’re not gathering hair from the exterior, you can go ahead and continue your fishtail braid but you’re going to want to just start loosening up a little bit so that way you have a little bit of wiggle room towards the top in case you want to loosen the very top up.

    Once you get to the end, you’re just gonna clip it with a clip on the very bottom so we can take care of that a little bit later.

    Then I’m just gonna go ahead and pull this braid right on up and clip it towards the top and save it for later.

    Now I’m going to work on the sides and I’m just gonna take a forward diagonal section and I’m gonna leave a little bit of this hair out just because I like a little bit of something there.

    I’m gonna be using volume spray 25 to smooth out the hair.

    I’m just gonna pin it right underneath this braid and I’m just gonna secure it with a bobby pin.

    I’m going to do the same exact thing for the opposite side. It’s gonna take that diagonal section, leave a little bit of hair right through here.

    Taking my volume spray 25, I’m gonna spray this section of hair and then just smooth it with a brush and secure it right underneath that braid using a bobby pin.

    Now that I have each of the side sections pinned right underneath this braid, I’m gonna go ahead and bring the center braid right on through the top.

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    I’m going to be using Kenra Professional Dry Texture Spray and I’m just gonna spray the braid for a a little bit of added grit and that’s just gonna give me that texture that I really want out of this braid cuz I want it nice and loose and whimsical.

    I’m just gonna go ahead and continue detailing it the way that I want it to look.

    Once you get your braids situated with exactly how you want it, you’re just gonna take a little TZ comb and go ahead and tease this bottom section really good.

    This is actually gonna secure your braids for you without having to use an elastic plus it adds to the really fun texture of the braid as well.

    This is where you’re gonna do your final detail, any little hairs that you see that you really want to add a little bit more curl to it, just take out your one-inch wand and continue to curl.

    Now that it’s completely detailed and curled, I’m just gonna do a final spray of volume spray 25, finger comb some of the curls and here you have your final look of your half-up half-down fishtail braid.

    I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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