Best Even All Over Haircut Trimmer (Fast & Easy Cutting)

    even all around haircut

    Here I’m going to review an electric hair trimmer that cuts evenly in any direction, enabling men to maintain their even all over haircut.

    even all over haircut

    In these challenging times, going to the barber is not preferable.

    Thankfully that does not mean you have to revert to a caveman look, thanks to some great solutions for cutting your own hair.

    There are innumerable clippers for men that will let you get a home haircut, but only one brand has developed specific hair trimmers that enable you to cut your own hair easily.

    The particular model we are going to review is the Conair Even Cut Rotary Hair Cutting Kit.

    even all around haircut

    Even All Over Haircut Trimmer Review

    Using a regular pair of clippers to cut your own hair is possible, but is extremely difficult and fraught with problems.

    Anyone who has tried cutting their own hair at home will agree that it takes time, practice and experience to get it right.

    And for a rookie, it’s extremely risky since the chances that your DIY haircut will pass for a professional one are very slim.

    That is why the Conair Even Cut Rotary haircut system is just what you need to maintain even all around haircut.

    This amazing device is available for seventy dollars.

    We believe that this is a revolutionary hair trimming device that will save you all the trips to the barber and give you a professional looking haircut from the comfort of your home.

    even cut hair trimmer

    The Conair Even Cut trimmer cuts your hair evenly to a half inch or lesser length in every direction, giving you a perfectly even haircut every time.

    It has a round base with ultra sharp Japanese stainless steel rotary blades, which guarantee you precision and safety. It allows you to cut evenly in every direction without fail, because it follows the contours of your head.

    All you need to do to have even all over haircut is gently move the clipper across your head and that’s it!

    The trimmer comes in an ergonomic design that will easily fit in the palm of your hand and give you control for precision.

    It also has a rechargeable lithium ion battery that gets fully charged in about 16 hours to give you four five-minute hair cuts.

    The lithium ion technology gives sustained power performance for reliable cordless use.

    You also have the option of using it corded, which means anytime, anywhere DIY hair cutting as long as there is a power socket nearby.

    When you use it cordlessly, it gives you a tremendous amount of freedom. Cut your own hair anywhere at all, no need for a power outlet.

    Also you are completely saved from the hassles of a wire getting tangled as you move the trimmer all around your head.

    This hair cutter features precision engineered hardened Japanese steel blades with a unique super sharp cutting angle for smooth effortless cutting.

    rotary hair trimmer

    This even cut clipper has a lock that will completely eliminate any chance of changing the length setting whilst cutting.

    It comes with an adjustable comb guide that gives you four different cutting length options, so you can style your hair any way you want.

    The lengths you can choose from are 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, or 1/2″.

    If you’re thinking that your usual hair clippers have length adjustment guards, the notable difference here is that with your clippers you need to make sure that your hand is level and the blade is flat at all times.

    But with this one’s unique circular design that fits right inside your palm, you really don’t have to worry about holding it the right way or twisting your wrist to try and reach the difficult spots in the back.

    You just have to lock the guard in and the clipper does the rest.

    The kit also includes a pair of scissors, a barber’s comb, cleaning brush, oil, storage pouch and a separate trimmer for neckline and sideburns with a five position comb guide.

    Conair Even Cut Rotary Hair Cutting Kit

    The stylish pouch for storing your clipper and accessories after you’re done is an added convenience.

    The hair trimmer comes in a beautiful black and rich orange hue and you can get it with lifetime guarantee at the link below.

    The Conair Even Cut trimmer is a one of its kind for maintaining even all over haircut.

    Extremely useful and economical tool that men will not regret buying. It’s the easiest way ever to maintain a short and even hairstyle without going to the barber or asking someone else for help.

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    How to Use Conair Even Cut Rotary Hair Cutting Kit:

    even haircut male

    Before each use, oil the blades. Simply add a couple of drops of oil and briefly switch on to ensure the oil is evenly distributed.

    There are two comb guides to choose from.

    To attach the comb guide, line up the dot on the guide with a grade setting mark on the product. Rotate and click into place. The selected grade on the comb guide will line up with the grade setting mark on the product.

    When you start cutting, use a smooth backwards and forwards motion to allow the comb guide to lift and cut the hair.

    Because it uses a rotary cutting action, when you start cutting the hair, the finish won’t look even straight away. Take time to go over the head several times to make sure all the hair is cut.

    Use a circular action to finish. Ensure you rotate the product in both directions to achieve a perfect even result.

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