8 Elegant Hairstyles For Long and Short Hair!

    Flirty Flipped-Out Bob

    In this article you will find out how to create elegant hairstyles for long and short hair.

    1. Elegant Faux Bob

    Elegant Faux Bob

    Use a bore brush to smooth out the hair.

    Section off a layer of hair at the nape and pin the rest of the hair at the back of the head with a double clip.

    Back brush the hair closest to the nape of the neck.

    Roll and firmly secure the section with bobby pins to the back of the neck. This creates the volume and the base of the faux bob.

    Brush again to smooth out and gather all the loose hairs at the back of the head.

    Tie the hair with an elastic band in a low loose pony.

    Roll and tuck the pony tail under at the base of the neck.

    Secure at the desired bob length into the base that you previously created with the back brushing.

    Make sure that it has a nice symmetrical shape and you can adjust wherever necessary.

    Pull out some loose pieces of hair from around the fringe in the face of the bob.

    Use a small pro thermal brush with your blow dryer to create some bend and curl in these loose piece areas.

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    2. Sexy Voluminous Loose Curls

    Sexy Voluminous Loose Curls

    Brush the wet hair with the ceramic paddle brush.

    Use a blow dryer without a nozzle to start drying.

    Starting at the crown, use your hands to loosely lift the hair upwards to create volume at the roots.

    Flip the hair upside down and continue blow-drying while tousling the hair with your hands to add more volume.

    When the hair is 90% dry, flip it back over.

    You can already see more volume in the hair.

    Starting at the top of the head, section with the pick from the thermal brush and blow-dry on base.

    Leave the brush in the hair while the hair cools down and move on to the next section.

    Repeat this all around the crown.

    Remove the brush when the hair is cooled down.

    Roll hair strands with your hands and secure the pin curl with a double clip.

    Repeat until all the hair is pinned and spray.

    Remove the clips without disturbing the curl.

    When all the clips are removed loosen the curls and tousle the hair with your hands.

    Smooth out the hair with a boar brush by brushing one inch away from the root.

    Work with your hands to fix any hairs and curls that are out of place and spray.

    3. Romantic Loose Updo

    Romantic Loose Updo

    Section the hair and tease all around the back of the crown with a comb to create height and volume.

    This is the foundation for the bump at the back of the updo.

    Use the brush to lift and gather the hair.

    Take some hair from the front and pull it to the back and anchor the hair with two bobby pins.

    Always double anchor which means to cross the pins over.

    Use the tail of the brush to lift the top of the hair.

    Now you have created the shape of your updo.

    Working down towards the nape, continue to gather sections on either side and secure the back of the hair with hair pins.

    Lock these into the pins that are already in the hair.

    Use two pins in each section to hold the hair firmly in place.

    Take the remaining hair at the nape, brush, twist and tuck in the ends.

    Pin it at the back with the rest of the hair.

    Lock the new pins into the ones that are already in the nape.

    Use just enough pins to firmly secure the updo in place.

    Create soft curls to frame the face by rolling the loose hair in front with a small ceramic thermal brush and blow-dry.

    Check that the bump is evenly shaped and look for any hairs that are out of place.

    Put some hairspray into your fingertips and then seal the soft curls around the face and use your hairspray to lock in your all-over shape.

    4. The Sophisticated Bob

    Sophisticated Bob

    Brush and detangle the wet hair with the finger brush.

    Section off the bottom layer of the hair at the nape and pin the rest with a double clip.

    Blow-dry the hair under using a small thermal brush and a blow dryer with the nozzle.

    Move up towards the crown by taking horizontal sections and continuing the blow-dry.

    Alternate between sections from the left and then the right side.

    Dry the hair underneath the root to create the bob and smooth the cuticle.

    Now as you move up the head, switch to a larger size barrel as the hair gradually gets longer.

    Leave the brush in the hair to lock in the curl as the barrel cools down. It’s acting like a hot roller.

    When shaping the section over the ear, make sure that the height matches the hair at the bottom of the bob.

    As you move to the top of the head remember to keep increasing the size of the brush.

    At the top of the head, try upwards to lift the roots and create body.

    For additional volume, blow-dry the top section in the opposite direction. This will create maximum lift.

    Use the comb to tease the hair around the top of the head.

    Use the tail side to pick and blend the teased sections, making the style playful and fun without disrupting the shape.

    Use the paddle brush to smooth out stray hairs and give the bob its final look.

    Make the last adjustments with your hands and the tail comb as needed.

    5. Breezy Beach Waves

    Breezy Beach Waves

    Brush the wet hair and find the natural part.

    Try not to disturb the natural curl in the hair.

    Using a blow dryer with a diffuser, blow-dry free hand until the hair is about 75% dry.

    Lift and scrunch the hair with your hands to add height, direction and volume.

    Starting at the top of the head use the large size thermal brush and blow dryer with the nozzle to create lift and body.

    Leave the brushes in the hair. It essentially acts like a hot roller.

    Repeat all around the top of the head.

    Remove the brush and clip the hair to the opposite side to create volume at the root.

    Continue this as you move down the head using the double clip to keep dried sections away from the damp hair.

    Once again remove all the brushes and tousle the hair with your hands.

    Now use the small thermal brush with small sections to create the waves.

    Remove all the brushes and tousle the hair with your hands.

    Add styling product and manipulate the hair with your hands to create the desired texture.

    6. Vintage Retro Pony

    Vintage Retro Pony

    Brush and smooth the hair with a paddle brush. Find the hair’s natural part.

    Use a comb to tease the hair at the back of the head, which builds the height and creates volume for the bump.

    Add styling spray to lock it in.

    Lightly smooth out the teased hair and shape with a paddle brush.

    Pull all the hair back with the boar brush and gather at the mid back of the head.

    Twist the pony into itself and secure it in the back with several large bobby pins.

    Always double anchor and lock in with a pin.

    Gently brush out the ponytail with the paddle brush.

    Use a small thermal brush and blow dry to create soft curls around the face.

    Increase the height of the bump with the rat tail of the comb.

    7. Silky Smooth Blowout

    Silky Smooth Blowout

    Detangle the wet hair completely with a detangler brush.

    Let the hair fall into its natural parting.

    Starting at the crown of the head, section the hair using the double clip.

    Then section off the ears and finally divide the back into two halves.

    The thicker the hair the more sections you will need to make.

    Starting at the nape, use a thermal brush to blow-dry, straighten and smooth.

    Use a blow dryer with the nozzle and blow dry downwards from the roots to the ends in order to close the cuticle and achieve a smoother finish.

    It is important to dry both sides of the strand to achieve a smooth, straight style without creating a bump.

    To dry the top side, place the brush below the strand and the blow-dryer approaches from the top.

    To dry the bottom side, the brush is on the top and the blow-dryer comes from below.

    When done drying a strand, leave the brush in the hair while it cools down and locks into the shape. It acts like a roller.

    Once you have secured the second brush in the hair, remove the first one and work on the next strand.

    Continue this as you work your way up from the nape to the crown.

    It is important that moisture does not re-enter the hair that is already dried and straightened.

    Therefore avoid contact between wet and dry strands and once you start blow drying, do not stop.

    When done drying, brush the hair all over with the paddle brush to smooth the cuticle and control flyaways while shaping the hair.

    8. Flirty Flipped-Out Bob

    Flirty Flipped-Out Bob

    Part and section the hair with the double clip about 1 inch above the ears all the way around the head.

    Blow dry with the small thermal brush.

    Roll the hair upwards to create the flip out.

    After you are done with the nape section, switch to the brush as you continue to create the flip out.

    Let the hair cool for a few seconds while the brush is still in the hair.

    While you’re drying your hair across the top, lay the dried strands in the opposite direction of the finished style to create height and create more volume.

    Tease hair with the teasing brush for additional volume around the crown.

    Use the large prongs on the comb to gently lift and style.

    Use the small thermal brush to intensify the flip outs at the end of each layer.

    Slightly brush out or touch up the style wherever is needed.

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