Easy Wedding Guest Hairstyle (Long Hair)

    Easy Wedding Guest Hairstyle (Long Hair)
    How to Do an Easy Wedding Hairstyle | Hair House Call | Hair.com By L'Oreal

    I’m here today super excited to show you how to create a perfect, easy, effortless wedding hairstyle, whether you’re a bridesmaid, the bride or you’re just attending the wedding.

    As you can see my hair is very smooth and straight right now.

    And how I achieved that is with the Hydra Source shampoo. The Hydra Source Shampoo is going to give you a really great cleansing foundation that’s going to keep your nice roots and your scalp really nice and free. But it’s going to cleanse your hair in a very gentle way.

    And then I went ahead and use the Hydra Source Conditioner, which is more like a just tangling solution. So it’s incredibly lightweight, yet very, very highly moisturizing, great for all types of hair, and to just give you a nice, clean, refreshed, polished cuticle.

    I also went above and beyond and use the Hydra Source Leave In Spray. Loving it for my mid lengths and ends to nourish, hydrate, and just reinforce the elasticity.

    How we’re going to create this look, we are going to use the Thermal Active Setting Spray, a three barrel waiver, and we are also going to finish it off with Biolage Complete Control.

    I’m going to divide my hair. I’m working in like the nape area, taking my Thermal Active Setting Spray. And I’m going to go ahead. And I’m going to spray this entire section.

    And the reason I’m going to spray this entire section is because the Thermal Active Setting Spray has a high moisture content.

    Now I’ve got my three barrel iron. And I’m going to go ahead and just move down the hair recreate in the wave pattern. As I move down, I’m just trying to get that last barrel.

    Alright, so once I get that bottom section down, I’m going to drop my next subsection and saturate that with the Thermal Active Setting Spray.

    And then I’m just going down and putting in that beautiful texture right into the hair. After I get my second section done, I’m ready to drop my top section and just finish off my style.

    Don’t worry about that line that I just put it into the hair. Because I’m going to go back and like, pick that up and just finesse it a little bit.

    If you’re going to a wedding, or you’re going to a special event, by using the Thermal Active Setting Spray and making sure that you’ve created the proper foundation with your Hydra Source shampoo and conditioner, you’re propelling the moisture from the air.

    The reason that hair gets frizzy and the reason that it reacts is because it’s sucking in moisture. And great thing about Hydra Source is it’s moisturizing your hair from the inside out.

    If you don’t have dry hair, then you aren’t going to be less reactive to very high moisture areas. To finish a style off, take that very, very, very tip top of that area. And then go over that very thin section all the way to the scalp. And that helps me kind of soften that line of demarcation.

    Alright guys, so I’m back. And I’ve got my dress on or my little jumpsuit. And I’m almost ready to get to the wedding.

    Now I want to go in and finish a style off. Super easy, I’m just going to take a little bit of hair away from my face. And I’m just going to go in and take some bobby pins and slide those bobby pins in there.

    Again, I’m using the bobby pins to kind of secure the hair down and then pulling in between the bobby pins to create the texture, finishing off with my Biolage Complete Control Hairspray.

    All right, there you have it, perfect, effortless chic waves for that beautiful springtime wedding.

    Easy Wedding Guest Hairstyle (Long Hair)

    And whether you’re the guest, the bride, the bridesmaid, you get something in your pocket to be able to take Biolage products, and recreate this look.

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