5 Easy Low Bun Hairstyles (How to Do)

    low bun hairstyle

    Low bun hairstyles are so cute. They are great for every day or elegant occasions.

    Here you will learn how to create 5 easy low buy hairstyles, step by step.

    I’m going to share with you one of the most versatile hairstyles – low bun. This hairstyle is one of the best because depending how you dress it up, you could wear it to work, date night or even a formal event and the best part it only takes minutes to do.

    The first one is sleek and chic knotted bun.

    easy low bun hairstyle

    • Create a ponytail where you want your bun to sit and then with your left hand flip your ponytail up bringing your ends to the right side.
    • I just want to slide your index finger and thumb on your right hand through that loop that we just created.
    • Grab your ends with your left hand, pull them underneath to the left and then pinch all of your ends with your right hand and just begin pulling them all the way through to create a knot. Try to keep everything nice and tight but you can always adjust this later.
    • Once through, keep your knot pressed tightly against your head and then swoop your ends down into the left, tucking them neatly underneath the bun.
    • You can play around with the appearance, twist it and once you’re happy with it, just begin bobby pinning at the outside of your bun to your head, sliding the bobby pins towards the center.

    I love this chic low bun and it’s the perfect hairstyle to take you from day to night

    Next bun is one that everyone needs to know how to recreate.

    how to do a low bun

    • Toss all of your hair back and on the last loop of your ponytail, instead of pulling your ends all the way through, just stop about 1/4 of the way.
    • Grab your ends and then swoop them to the left and up and over.
    • Then just loop them underneath your hair elastic.
    • And for that effortless look, just mess it up a little bit and pull on some small sections to add some detail.

    It’s that simple. I love how effortless and cool this hairstyle is, but you could also recreate it more sleek if you like.

    And finally a twist on the typical donut bun.

    cute low bun hairstyle

    • Again hair in a ponytail, begin tightly to wrist your ponytail clockwise all the way down.
    • Then bring your twist up the left side and loosen it near the hair elastic to help create more of a bun shape.
    • Once you’re happy with the shape, bring your twist over your ponytail to the right and then underneath your button, wrapping as many times as you need to.
    • Then tuck your ends underneath your hair elastic or pin them out of the way.
    • Play around with the shape or keep it tight for a more formal appearance.

    I love how one simple change creates a whole new style of bun and this was actually inspired by Leah Michelle’s wedding hair.

    So there you have it. How chic yet simple are these buns.

    This is a very chic and elegant low bun. It’s really quick and simple to do. I really think you guys are going to love it. So let’s get started.

    low bun hairstyle for prom

    • For this hairstyle you do want to start off with pin straight hair. To prep my hair, I use the John Frieda Frizz Ease flat iron spray. I love this stuff.
    • I use probably about 4 to 5 spritzes on damp hair and then I just roughly blow-dry it in a downwards direction.
    • Then I sectioned off my hair and I straightened it. I find that the straightener really helps to give your hair a nice, smooth finish.
    • Before I tie my hair back, I’m just going to take a comb and I’m just going to section off small pieces of hair from front of my ears. I find this helps give the hairstyle a more modern appearance.
    • Comb all of your hair back ensuring that it’s not free.
    • Then take some gel. I’m using this light hold gel from Herbal Essences but any gel will do. You just want something to smooth down your hair. Make sure to gel those neck hairs too.
    • Next you want to gather your hair into a tight low ponytail. This is probably the most time-consuming part of the hairstyle but just keep smoothing it down with a comb or a bristled brush.
    • Once you’re happy with it, just tie it off super tight with the hair elastic about three fingers up from the nape of your neck.
    • For a little bit more volume at the crown use the end of your comb or you could use your hands and just pull upwards on the back of your hair and it’ll give it a little bit more lift.
    • Take your left hand and place it underneath your ponytail right at the top of it. You want your palm facing out with your thumb at the top and then just grab a hold of your ponytail.
    • With your right hand, you want to grab your ponytail and begin wrapping it clockwise around your hand.
    • Once you’ve wrapped it you just want to try your best to keep it nice and tight to your head.
    • Then with your left hand, you’ll just want to place your index finger and thumb through that loop we just created, all the way to the other side.
    • Pointer and thumb are through, you just want to use them to grab the tail of your ponytail and you want to make sure that you are grabbing all of the hair.
    • Then you just want to pull the hair through the loop. Try to keep everything nice and tight, so when you’re pulling your ends through it should be a little bit challenging especially if you have thicker hair.
    • So basically all I did here was tie my ponytail into a knot.
    • Once you’ve tied your hair you want to pull it nice and tight and then just slide the bottom of the knot to the left and this is going to create our little bun.
    • Then you just want to secure the top with some bobby pins. Just hook some hair and slide them downwards.
    • If it doesn’t come out as sleek or as tight as you wanted, just untie it and give the knot another go.
    • Once the top is pinned into place, you just want to tuck your ends underneath to hide them. If your ends are shorter, just hide them at the very top and if your ends are long, just bring them across the top and tuck them underneath the right side and then just secure them with some bobby pins.
    • To add shine and hold, I just sprayed some hairspray into my palm and smooth down the bun. Make sure that you are smoothing it in the direction that the hair is going.

    Do you guys love it? I think it’s so chic yes so simple to do. It only took me four and a half minutes to do.

    One of the most amazing styles that I’ve seen incorporates two of my favorite hair styles which are braids and buns. Today I wanted to show you how to get twisted braided bun that you can wear every day or for an elegant occasion.

    easy low bun hairstyle

    • To start, I’ve blown out my hair. I use the Pillow Proof Primer along with Redken Align 12. Pillow Proof is amazing because it ensures that your hairstyle will stay as well as decreasing drying time and heat protecting the hair. Align 12 is amazing because it literally keeps your hair in line.
    • Once I’ve created this deep side part, I’m going to take a piece from the front. I’m going to create a line right directly behind the ear.
    • I’m going to reserve this piece to the front and I’m gonna take the rest and collect it into a ponytail. From there I’m just going to create a really sleek braid.
    • I’m also adding just a little elastic to the end to hold this into place.
    • I’m going to tuck the tail of this braid in and then I’m going to coil this entire thing into a braided bun.
    • Now I’m just securing this into place with some bobby pins.
    • I’m going to take the section that we reserved and pull this right on top of the ear. I’m going to wrap this clockwise around the rated bun and secure it into place with some bobby pins.
    • I’m just going to finish off the look with Control Addict.

    So that is all it takes to get this look. It is perfect for every day or an elegant occasion.

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