Does Rice Water Help Your Hair Grow?

    Does Rice Water Help Your Hair Grow?
    Does Rice Water Actually Help Hair Growth? | Watch Me | By L'Oreal

    We’re going to be talking about rice water hair treatments.

    If you’ve been following us for a little while, you might have seen my rice water hair hack video that I did for our TikTok.

    I basically made my own rice water with white rice, and I basically applied it to my hair for a couple of days to test out the results.

    A little bit of backstory on rice water in general, it’s supposed to have amazing hair benefits including helping your hair grow faster — which spoiler alert, nothing makes your hair grow faster — but it is supposed to help strengthen your hair during the grow out process while adding shine and softness.

    So while I loved the results of the original rice water treatment that I did, I will say that making a DIY rice water was a little bit time consuming and a little messy.

    So I think it’s really cool that salon brands now are coming out with formulas that you could just pick up at the store that have rice water in it.

    I was really excited when I found out that Shu Uemura was coming out with their Izumi Tonic Water. It has rice water and ceramide as the key ingredients, and it claims to make your hair 10 times stronger after one use.

    It also says that after 28 days, your hair’s softer, smoother, shinier, feels healthier, so I’m really excited to test it out. I think the biggest difference in my hair since the last time I tried my DIY rice water is that I am now a brunette. I was blonde for 10 years.

    I’m definitely still seeing some of the damage from all those years of bleaching my hair. I definitely think a hair water like this one will benefit me.

    I’m going to shampoo and condition my hair like I normally do and then I’m going to show you how I apply the product to my hair, and then we’ll go over the results.

    I just hopped out of the shower, I washed my hair with Pureology Pure Volume Shampoo and Conditioner, which if you have fine hair, 10 out of 10. I’m going to apply the Izumi Tonic Water to my hair now. I actually haven’t taken it out of the box yet.

    I guess we’ll do that together. It’s like a sleek spray bottle, and I’m going to start applying it to my hair. So usually, when I do like leave-in treatments, I don’t apply to my roots because since I have flat, fine hair, it tends to make my hair a little oily on the top.

    I’m going to basically apply starting at my midlengths right here. Applying the product to my ends where I see the most breakage.

    First impression, it smells amazing. I do have natural wavy hair, so usually after I apply a leave in like the Izumi Tonic Water, I’ll let my hair dry and finish off with like a little hairspray.

    Does Rice Water Help Your Hair Grow?

    I have some stuff to do around the house and then I’ll check back in with results once my hair is fully dry. Just checking in after one use. My hair is almost completely dry now. This is my natural wave pattern.

    So far, so good. My hair feels super soft. I remember my first rice water review I really liked how shiny it made my hair. This product gave me the same benefits so far and it definitely feels really nice, really strong. Definitely loving it so far, and I love the fragrance that it gives my hair.

    I’m going to check back in a couple of days. I’ll probably wash my hair twice more this weekend. I’ll check back in with results. Hey everyone, checking in after a week of using the Izumi Tonic Water.

    I started using it last Sunday. It’s currently Sunday I’ve washed my hair twice more since then overall I really really like it. I feel like my hair is a lot stronger. It feels just like touchably more thick but I also feel like it gave my hair decent shine.

    And I definitely plan on using it for the full 28 days the way that the packaging says. I’m really excited to keep using it and see how it works for me long term.

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