Cutting Hair Dry vs Wet

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    So on today’s episode of Beauty School we’re gonna be teaching you the difference between wet and dry haircuts and also when to incorporate them both together or completely separate.

    Cutting Hair Dry vs Wet

    So the difference between a wet haircut and a dry haircut obviously is whether the hair is wet or versus when the hair is dry.

    They both do two separate things in a haircut. One would give you a little bit more of a blunt haircut, rather than a dry haircut you’re gonna have a little bit more texture to it and those are the biggest differences between the two.

    Dry Cutting Hair


    So what are you thinking about doing for your haircut?

    I want to keep it relatively long maybe like a two or three inches just cuz I know I have like a lot of dead ends, like long layers like face framing.

    I would definitely like to take this up for you I think maybe taking it in this area would be really flattering for your face and where your cheekbone is hitting.

    We’ll blend that into a beautiful face frame for you and as far as your length for the layers, I think the shortest I would be comfortable for you is maybe in this area. It’ll flow into your face frame really beautifully and just give you some beautiful layering in here with your texture.

    So today I’m going to be dry cutting your hair and the reason why I would approach your hair cut like this is you have this beautiful lived-in look.

    I want to be able to create that with the precision of our layering in here and with your hair color it will just be so fantastic for you to have a beautiful dry haircut.

    With the dry haircut typically you would ask a stylist to perform this on you when you’re looking for this organic, very beachy, lived-in type of haircut with a lot of movement and texture.

    Also sometimes if you have more highlights or maybe more dimension in the hair, your stylist would probably opt for a dry haircut technique to create that lived-in type of look to coincide with your color.

    I started to give her a beautiful wash and I’m just gonna start to detangle her so I’m gonna use a little bit of our Matrix Miracle Treat 12. It’s got 12 exciting factors to it that are gonna help the hair.

    Now that she’s all combed out, I’m gonna be using our High-Amplify Wonder Boost because her hair is finer I want to give it a really really beautiful tension at the root and that’s just gonna help it stay nice and volumized for a blow-dry.

    So as we discussed in our consultation, she was comfortable with taking about two to three inches off.

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    You can see where she’s really in that desperate need I might just go a little bit higher than that.

    I’m doing this haircut dry. I am actually gonna just lightly point cut her as I do our dry haircut. There are two ways to approach dry cutting the hair. One of the ways is just doing a point technique haircut all around the hair.

    Also there’s a second way of cutting dry hair. You can first cut it wet and then dry cut it just to give it that detail when you’re looking at incorporating both the bluntness and maybe the lived-in type of look into a haircut.

    So I’m gonna start with her angle in here, we’re gonna go a little bit shorter and blend this softness.

    The biggest technical advantage to cutting dry hair is really seeing where the hair is laying at.

    So you could see that this haircut was all done dry and we were able to give a really beautiful blended look. I am gonna curl her but I want you guys to be able to see this straight.

    So the product that I’m using to prep her with is called Texture Builder by Matrix Style Link. I’m just using this to give her a little bit of texture in here before I curl hair.

    Our curls don’t have to be perfect. I’m also going to make them not in the same direction.

    This is our final look with our dry haircutting. She has a variation of layers in here. we also just gave her some weaves and used our texturebuilders spray and the next time I would recommend her getting this same type of haircut would probably be about eight to ten weeks to come into the salon.

    Wet Cutting Hair


    What are you looking to do with your haircut?

    I just want a little bit of a trim I definitely have some split ends going on. I typically just get like a straight kind of blunt cut.

    It does look like you have a little bit of an angle longer in here would you like to reiterate that?

    Yeah, I like just like a slight angle at the front just to give it a little bit more shape but kind of just like along those same lines.

    Okay awesome. So I’m gonna be doing a wet haircut on you.

    I’m gonna first shampoo you and then I’m gonna take you back and give you a beautiful nice blunt haircut and then we’ll blow-dry and then we’ll be good to give you a nice styling with the wave in your hair or something.

    Typically your stylist would do a wet cut on a haircut that’s gonna have a very blunt line in it so that could be a A-line bob, it could be a long haircut with no layers in it.

    Anywhere you’re seeing a strong pattern of lines that’s when typically we would use that.

    I’m gonna be using our Miracle Treat 12. It helps detangle, it helps keep the hair soft and manageable throughout the day.

    I’m gonna take my first section here and we’re only gonna do an inch and a half so about to there.

    As you can see in here I am just taking my scissors and doing one snip in comparison to when I dry cut her hair I was taking my scissors and point cutting into it.

    The advantage over a wet haircut versus dry is you’re able to get a very precise symmetric line.

    The hair types that I wouldn’t suggest for getting a wet haircut it is when somebody has a very tight curl pattern in the hair and they are wearing their hair curly eighty to a hundred percent of the time. I would recommend doing that all together as a dry cut.

    Being that her hair is wet now I’m able to see that I have this beautiful blunt line in here it just gives me a cleaner eye to be able to create this look for her.

    I’m also going to be using for her blow-dry the Wonder Boost by Total Results Matrix. It’s just gonna give me a little bit of tension on my brush and help me just give her a beautiful styling.

    I am using Style Fixer here to just give my client’s ends like a nice fresh sealing down. It’s just a really great classic hairspray for your everyday needs.

    We chose today to do our wet haircut for a blunt line here and being that we did it wet, I was able to get this beautiful blunt shape in here and just recreate that face frame.

    It was just easier especially for the amount of hair that she has overall it was just a really great option for us.

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