Cute Romantic Date Night Hairstyles (For Long Hair)

    romantic date night hairstyles

    Today, I want to share with you guys three techniques that are going to be really, really easy to do that are like, romantic and soft and you can create for your romantic night out.

    To prep the hair, we began by shampooing her with our Color Extend Magnetics and conditioning it with also Color Extend Magnetics.

    We love these products because they’re sulfate-free. And so, to keep the hair nice and shiny, which is what we want, everybody wants shine in their hair, also protect the color.

    And I know all the ladies out there, we’re getting lots of beautiful colors, especially when we’re blonde, you want to keep that hair looking really good.

    Then we went through and we did a beautiful blowout and for the blowout I use the Quick Blowout. This is amazing stuff because it actually speeds up the blow dry.

    So it’ll cut down the blow dry time. Through the ends, we put our Big Blowout lotion, which is going to create cushiony, soft, shiny feel.

    As you can see, I’ve gone through her hair. And I have put in some vertical curls. It’s going to give the hair some fabric. Just take another little crown piece.

    Take like a tail comb like this. And you’re going to tease the hair. Now, the trick is to get the most volume is you actually want to elevate the hair forward.

    So it goes towards the head. And then come in and just kind of pack that area. Really press at the roots.

    This is going to create a lock so that you don’t lose the teasing that you did, so that you’re keeping the volume in the top of the head.

    You’re just gonna begin by dropping out some pieces in the front wherever you feel comfortable with and before you then, gather back the hair. The idea with romantic hair is you want to keep it looking nice and soft. Here we have our little ponytail.

    Now I’m keeping the ponytail loose. You’ll see that I’m actually a little bit out from the head. Now that we’ve got that, we’re going to go ahead and we’re going to just open up the hair in the middle, flip it all the way through.

    And then once you’ve done that, we’re going to pull those twists out nice and soft. And there we have it, this beautiful, beautiful, soft, romantic upstyle ready for a great night out.

    cute easy date night hairstyles date night hairstyles for long hair romantic date night hairstyles

    Our next look is going to be this really cute little bun on top. Because there’s nothing like a good bun. We’re gonna go ahead and take that hair.

    And again, we want to drop down little pieces of hair to keep it soft and romantic looking, a little less than the last time, because we’re going to have a lot more focus on the top of the head. So begin to just brush that hair up, brush the hair up from underneath first.

    And once you kind of get the ponytail — wherever your hand is, is where the ponytail is going to end up. Do wherever you can feel it, that’s where it’s going to live. So if you want it higher, you need to put the hand up much higher. Pinch, pull, take out.

    Now we’re going to push this ponytail around so the ponytail spreads out around the elastic. Take another piece of elastic just like this.

    And you’re actually gonna put it right over the ponytail. And then through that, you’ll be able to go in and pull out your bun. And now we’re gonna just go ahead and twist those little edges around. You want to get like a hair pin. Kind of wiggle it in. Like, it kind of stitches it. And it holds it in versus just sliding them in. And there we have it.

    Another very soft, romantic look for another evening out.

    Finally, for another look for Valentine’s Day when you want to create sort of like half-up, half-down in case you don’t want all your hair up, you can go ahead and you can take some hair around the top of the head.

    And again, don’t forget to leave out just a little pieces if you want. And you’re going to go in and you’re going to separate that triangle into two pieces, twisting the strands of hair towards the face, and then crossing the hair over and away from the face.

    You’re going to put on another little elastic. And I’m going to do the same thing beneath that. I’m going to do the exact same thing on the other side. Okay, beautiful.

    Now that we have our four strands I’m going to what we call is ruching. You’re going to move your fingers just like this. So with the strand of the hair, I kind of fatten it up. It’s okay if a little bit two hairs come out. It adds to themagic.

    Take a bobby pin. And just work these across the side of the head. There we have it. Another really beautiful sort of half-up, half-down.

    Thank you for joining us here today and we are so excited that you have enjoyed these looks.

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