3 Cute Hairstyles With Flat Iron


    In this article you will learn how to create three really cute hairstyles with flat iron.

    Faux Bob with Loose Rolling Waves

    Hairstyle Tutorial: How to Create a Faux Bob with Loose Rolling Waves

    I’m going to create a look today that is great for a layered haircut. If you have a medium or long hair and it happens to have some layers in it, this is a great way to style your hair. It takes a little bit of time and just a few products to get it done.

    Before I start I always want to prep my hair and get my hair feeling really good and healthy so it responds better to the styling products and also to the heat tools I’m going to use.

    To do that, before I blow-dry my hair, I use one of my favorite products it’s called One United. It’s a leave-in treatment spray.

    You spray it in your hair before you blow-dry and it just helps to keep your hair feeling really good as you use styling products and also as you use heat tools on your hair.

    What you’re gonna do is just take your hands and loosely rake your hair into a ponytail right at the back of your neck and then what you want to do is just give your hair a little shake and let all those layers naturally fall out.

    You can use your fingers and add more or less depending on how thick your hair is and also where your part is as well.

    You’re gonna secure the ponytail in the back of your neck with an elastic. I want to create a little bit of a S pattern wave in my hair, so we use a flatiron to do that.

    So to make sure my hair has throughout the night and the look stays, I’m going to use Iron Shape 11. It’s a great product to use with your curling irons and flat irons.

    Today I’m going to be using a flat iron though to create this look.

    To do this, we’re gonna take our product and just spray it throughout those pieces that we’ve allowed to drop down and you can mist it pretty liberally on your hair because it’s a really great protectant, it doesn’t get too sticky.

    Once the hair is misted, you can let that product sit for a minute and while that’s setting, we’re going to take our ponytail and just twist it into a really loose chignon.

    To do that, I’m gonna take it and just twist it in one direction until it starts to buckle on itself and then we’ll use a few bobby pins just to keep it in place.

    Once you have that bun in place, if you feel like you don’t have enough hair sitting over top, you can always lift it up. Lift up the section and just start pulling some pieces out from the bun.

    Once you get the hair all pulled out on top, we’ll just take the hair that is sitting over top and just split it into two.

    Next I’m going to remist the hair with the Iron Shape. Use your fingers to work the product through your hair.

    Once you get the product worked through the section of hair and you clip up the top section, what we’re
    gonna do is use our iron to create a really cool wave pattern.

    To create this look what you’re gonna do is take your iron, you’re gonna actually move your iron towards your face and also away from your face. By alternating the two, you create a really cool rolling wave pattern.

    You’ll notice in this section that I didn’t put a lot of pressure on the iron. You want to keep a really soft
    movement as you’re using the iron to create this wave.

    A couple tips would be not to close the iron all the way and to keep the pressure really gentle.

    Another tip is if you don’t want to have a lot of volume at the top, when you’re placing the iron in for the first section, what you want to do is roll it towards your face versus rolling it away from your face.

    If you roll it away from your face, it’s gonna increase volume, if that’s what you’re looking for or roll it towards your face to decrease volume.

    Now we’re gonna drop down the second half of the section and do this same exact thing.

    Place the iron right into this top section and drop down my arm and just lightly giving it a nice soft pressure to create that first wave.

    Now that we finished this side, we’re going to do the same exact thing on the opposite side. We’re just going to take our fingers and separate the section. Just clip the rest away.

    In this section I don’t want as much volume so I’m going to start a little bit lower.

    Once you get the flat iron set in there, just let it cool for a minute.

    Next I’m going to take some pins and just give it a little more lived-in feel.

    I’m using a hair pin and I’m lightly going to tuck the hair into the bun.

    Now that I have it all pinned up, I’m just gonna detail it and spray it with some hairspray to finish this look off.


    This is one of my favorite looks when I want to have an alternative in length. It makes me feel like I have shorter hair yet, it’s still dressed up, so it’s really fun and gives me something different to wear.

    Quick Waves Using a Flat Iron

    Hairstyle Tutorial: How to Create Quick Waves Using a Flat Iron / Hair Straightener and Braid

    I’ll show you a really cool trick on how to get really pretty loose waves without taking hardly any time at all, just using a flat iron and doing some really full braids.

    The first thing you want to do is when your hair, you want to go ahead and get it with One United. It’s got 25 benefits, so it’s not only going to detangle your hair, but it’s going to be few a bunch of things.

    The other thing I really needed to do is help prevent heat damage for my hair.

    Go ahead and let it dry. You can either blow-dry it or let it air dried and then you want to section your hair off into four different sections.

    Basically taking your part straight back and then going from kind of this back corner of your head, just so the sections are pretty basically even as far as thickness goes.

    See the best ceramic tourmaline ionic flat iron.

    I’m doing four sections because my hair is pretty thick, but if your hair is a little bit finer, you can always just do two, just pigtail braids.

    Start by braiding, just regular braids, this whole piece and we want to start pretty loose up here so we don’t get any kinks.

    When you get to the bottom, you can either use a hairband. This one’s cloth covered. You don’t want to use anything with plastic, that’s because we’re going to be going over it with the flat iron so you don’t want to get anything burnt into your hair.

    You can go over this but keep it loose or if your hair will stay just don’t use anything at all.

    Now you want to take the flat iron and the braid and just go ahead and run it down the braid, just slowly run it down, clamping a little bit a few times and then you want to clamp it and unclamp it and working your way down.

    I’m going to do it until you feel there’s heat on both sides of that braid all the way through which will depend on how thick your hair is.

    Once you fill that heat all the way through, then you just let that piece cool and you start on the next.

    Once you’re done with all the braids, you want to take something like this diamond oil high shine. It’s going to give us a really good shine and it’s also going to keep you from any flyaways, frizziness or anything like that. Plus it’s going to help hold down the braids. I’m just gonna go over each braid with it.

    Now it’s the fun part, just undoing the braids.

    You want to run your fingers through it lightly.

    You get a cool wave that is just really pretty and natural-looking throughout the entire head of hair.

    The final step is using Fashion Waves 07 texturizing spray and what I’m gonna do is get that really liberally all over my hair.

    One of the keys of using sprays is to use a lot and then go ahead and claw in to give me that mermaidy texture.


    Once you get it all scrunched, then you’re good to go.

    Perfect Blowout Look

    Hairstyle Tutorial: How to Use a Flat Iron / Hair Straightener for the Perfect Blowout Look

    I’m going to show you how to create fullness with a flat iron, some Redken styling products and some round brushes.

    Before I started, what I used as I prepped my hair with was Frizz Dismiss Instant Deflate. This actually does what it says – it deflates the hair. It gives it a lot of shine and it prevents it from humidity.

    Then I usef Guts 10 which I put in the base of my hair to create some lift.

    I’m going to section my hair into three sections. The reason why I’m doing in three sections is to give it some more control.

    Now what I would do is I’m just going to start in the nape area. I like to use a smaller round brush for control. I’m also gonna use my Iron Shape 11 to protect my hair from heat.

    Shake it up, mist your ends and I’m going to use my round brush and I’m just gonna work the product into my hair.

    What I like to do is I like to have the round brush hold from the back of the brush and then use my hands to give it a little bit of grip and then turn the brush in a little bit for some tension.

    See the best hair tools!

    Then I’m going to use Sam Villa sleeker, which is a great flat iron to go in.

    I just slightly give it some tension and you’re just slowly curving the flat iron and with a round brush to create that fullness.

    I’m going to go on the back, do the same thing.

    I’m going to apply the round brush right to this section and you can see that the round brush is going to be underneath the flat iron. So we’re going to create the roundness by using the round brush and the flat iron.

    The reason why I’m using the round brush is to help give it that fullness and give it that support. I’d like to have the flat iron just above the round brush so it’s giving you that support, to give it that fullness.

    Now that I’m working with more and longer hair, I’m going to actually go and change into a larger brush. I’m going to use a medium brush instead of a small one.

    I use my Iron Shape mist, grab the hair, then I’m going to apply the flat iron to my hair, just heat it up a little bit but then I’m going to shift my round brush to go above the flat iron, to give it that support.

    I’m going to drop my last section down.

    In order for me to create some lifts, I’m going to use the flat iron in the bottom plate and just go underneath the section, so it gives it some fullness and then I’ll go ahead and clamp down a little bit more towards the middle of my hair.

    Also keeping the round brush in your hair to let it cool off will actually give you more of that set, of that rounded look on your ends.

    As I’m going down my section of my hair, I am turning my flat iron in, towards my face.

    Now that I’m all done flat ironing my hair, I’m going to use the Frizz Dismiss Flyaway Fix to help get rid of any of the flyaways and then all you do is you just apply it on top of your hair to help control any frizz, so it gives it that nice polished finish.


    So what I did is I gave you another option to use your flat iron to give you more of a rounded look it gives you some fullness it gives you some movement and it’s still nice and smooth.

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