Best Cordless Hair Styling Tools


    Lunata cordless hair styling tools are designed to help women on the go. They are meant to be powerful, stylish, and convenient for today’s woman.

    Lunata cordless hairstyling tools use titanium as a crucial component. The material, combined with the vast temperature ranges in curling wands and hair straighteners, helps to keep styles in place for a longer period of time.

    You’ll be able to get excellent hairstyles with ease if the heat is evenly distributed down the length of the barrels or plates.

    Belisa Cordless Flat Iron


    The full-sized flat iron is an excellent tool to have at home, at work, and on vacation.

    It takes the shortest amount of time to charge – only one hour. Unplug it to carry it with you for up to 45 minutes of full charge to keep your style fresh throughout the day!

    It also has a feature called “Works While Charging.” Have you run out of battery juice when styling? That’s not an issue! Simply plug in the charging cord and continue to style!

    It can achieve a maximum temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit in about a minute, allowing you to be styled in no time. Perfect for rushed mornings at home, office touch-ups, or last-minute style sessions in the car.

    It’s also easy to adjust and has a clear display, so you’ll always know you’re styling your hair at the right temperature.

    Cordless Flat Iron/Styler Plus+


    It creates both straight and curly hairstyles. Its 1-inch titanium plates give hair of all lengths attractive waves and curls. Create curls on even the most difficult to style hair with a temperature range of 200ºF-450ºF!

    Within 1 minute, get the highest temperature possible and use the flat iron for as long as you can! Charge this gadget before you check out in the morning — it only takes an hour to fully charge!

    Cordless Styler PRO


    This cordless hair straightener is both portable and effective. For 60 minutes, it can be used wirelessly. If you run out of battery, the Works While Charging technology allows you to use it while it charges.

    With a 60-second heat up time to its maximum temperature of 450oF, you can spend more time styling and less time waiting. In between tasks, the battery can be fully charged in 90 minutes.

    It’s a perfect travel tool because of the accompanying silicone cover and lockable mechanism, and it’s safe to keep in your bag.

    This wireless hair straightener’s 1-inch titanium plates making it a versatile tool for styling a range of curls and waves as well as straightening hair.

    It works at temperatures ranging from200ºF-450ºF degrees Fahrenheit to fit a wide range of hair types and porosity levels.

    The temperature can be adjusted in 10-degree increments, giving you more control over your hairstyles and more alternatives than most hot tools.

    The visible digital display next to the buttons ensures that you’re always on the right heat.

    Cordless, Convertible Curling Iron/Wand


    It will increase the number of different looks you can build. The iron attachment is a terrific method to change up your style and it’s easy to transport!

    The curling iron/wand styles swiftly and is small enough to carry to work, school, or wherever you’re going!

    With or without the iron attachment, the 1.25″ titanium barrel is thin enough to style your hair at any length.

    A curling iron, on the other hand, is your best buddy if your hair is lob-length or shorter. The clamp can assist you in bringing tough areas into line.

    With a maximum temperature of 450°F, it can last up to 45 minutes.

    Cordless Curling Wand With Clip


    Because of the 1″ titanium barrel’s excellent heat conductivity and wide temperature range of 200-400ºF, this is a tool that can be used by almost anyone, regardless of hair type, texture, or condition!

    The 1″ barrel is a fantastic length. Its regular shape lets you to make excellent waves and curls the first time! It allows you to create very full curls to very loose waves.

    It can last up to 35 minutes on a full charge and can be fully charged in 2-3 hours.

    Cordless Hot Brush


    It’s ideal for achieving a sleek appearance. For frizz-free hair on all hair types and textures, the ceramic small plates are combined with a wide temperature range that you may tune from 200ºF to 450ºF .

    Whether you have delicate, fragile hair or thick, coarse hair, it’s an excellent pick.

    The transparent display above will show you your desired temperature as well as when it is ready to use.

    The time it takes to heat up is incredibly short — only 60 seconds.

    A Hot Brush that has been fully charged can be used wirelessly for up to 40 minutes. It takes 90 minutes to fully charge the battery. If you run out of battery, you may use our hot brush while it’s charging thanks to our patented Works While Charging (WWC) technology.


    These tools are full-sized and have a charge time of 40 to 45 minutes. They’re both dual voltage, and the cordless function makes them excellent for carrying in your bag or carry-on.

    These are, nevertheless, powerful enough to be used at home. For at-home style, the Belisa Flat Iron can even be used while charging.

    Both the portable flat iron and the Cordless Convertible Curling Iron/Wand can maintain high temperatures–up to 450 degrees F and have customizable controls to tailor the temperature to your hair’s needs.

    Whether you’re touching up on the go or getting ready at home, these cordless tools impress.

    And they all work well at home, thanks to the Works While Charging feature, which allows for seamless style even if you lose power while getting ready.

    They come with silicone coverings that protect your tools when they’re not in use, in transit, and as a sleeve for still-warm equipment.

    This intelligent piece of product design can save you a few money and a few extras like a heat proof pouch!

    Why Use Cordless Hair Styling Tools?

    Switching cordless may appear ridiculous to many of us at home, but it is not really something you save for when you’re on the go or going on a trip.

    When you’re at home, here are 6 great reasons to use your cordless hair styling tools (curling wand, curling iron, flat iron, hair brush).

    Even though these cordless tools can be used when plugged in, having cordless possibilities at home is convenient.


    If you’re concerned about safety, opt for a cordless hair tool.

    Corded accessories can be dangerous to small kids (even when turned off) since wires can easily be tugged or snagged, causing these gadgets to fall.

    Unintentionally incidents can be avoided with Lunata tools.

    When gadgets are being used or warming up, this is even more crucial. Titanium barrels attain temperatures of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit in these devices.

    Go cordless to avoid these catastrophes. Children and roommates can move freely without worry of tripping over long cords and extension cords when there are no cords!

    Styling Made Easy

    If you’re having trouble styling your hair with standard corded hair tools, adopting cordless will be less frustrating.

    One advantage of utilizing Lunata hair styling tools is that they are cordless. Not only do they all have a multipurpose 1-inch barrel and a temperature range that is simply adjustable, but styling without wires may make reaching every part of your head a lot easier.

    Set Yourself Free

    Stop hanging near outlets and move about your place!

    There’s no need to park yourself near an outlet except if you must use your cordless device while it’s charging!

    Simply charge your gadget for 2-3 hours during your downtime, then use the outlets to charge your phone or give them to someone who could need them!

    Give Up the Bathroom

    Sometimes, the bathroom can be a crowded environment. With these cordless hair tools, you can give the bathroom to someone else and prevent morning bottlenecks and angry disputes with your children or the rest of your family.

    Get out there and style your hair somewhere where you have or can position a mirror!

    Tiny bathrooms can be made less hectic by using cordless tools to make them simpler to maneuver!

    Maintain a Clean Environment

    Clutter-free might also mean cord-free. Keep your Lunata tools’ cords and chargers in a drawer in your vanity to keep your surfaces cleaner.

    If you keep your hair tools outside of a cabinet, a cordless choice will not only be a cleaner solution, but it will also reduce visual clutter, which is crucial in a small space!

    Turn Your Car Into a Salon on Wheels

    Your car performs a wide range of tasks. It may now now be used as a mobile salon! These cordless tools make getting ready a breeze no matter where you are.

    The titanium plates in the cordless flat iron and the titanium barrel of the cordless curling iron heat up quickly, allowing you to get ready while you’re parked.

    Keep a wet/dry brush in your glove compartment for those last-minute touch-ups.


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