Cordless Flat Iron and Curling Wand/Iron (USB Rechargeable)


    Belisa Cordless Flat Iron


    Whether you’re sticking close to home or taking it on a long-awaited vacation, this is the perfect travel companion.

    Because of its thin profile, low weight, and quick lock mechanism, this is a great tool for use wherever and whenever you travel.

    The locking mechanism is a fantastic feature to have at any time, but particularly when you’re on the go. There’s no need to be concerned about harm to your other belongings or inadvertent contact with a hot flat iron.

    The cordless flat iron can be safely carried in your handbag or luggage, together with the silicone to cover the plates.

    If you’re on the go, you probably don’t have a lot of spare time. The iron heats up quite quickly. Simply turn on the hair straightener and wait 60 seconds for it to reach its maximum temperature of 420ºF.

    There are easy press buttons beside the power button to alter the temperature to a setting that is appropriate for your hair type.

    The hair straightener’s 1-inch titanium plates make styling even faster than the heat up time. Sections don’t need to remain on the flat iron for a long time to create a lasting style because the plates hold heat well.

    Don’t have much free time? It takes 60 minutes to completely charge. While you’re getting ready, plug it in and let it charge in the background.

    You don’t have time to wait for your hair straightener to charge before using it? You can use the iron while it’s charging thanks to the Works While Charging technology!

    It’s a wonderful alternative for on-the-go straight and curly styles. If you’re going somewhere overnight or on a longer trip, you might want to alter your look in the middle of the day.

    In addition to straight and sleek styles, the flat iron can create a variety of curly and wavy styles, such as loose waves and ribbon curls.

    The Belisa Cordless Flat Iron may last up to 40 minutes in cordless mode. There’ll be plenty of time for a touch-up and a quick hairstyle. The hair straightener is also dual-voltage, making it an excellent choice for traveling.

    Cordless Flat Iron/Styler Plus+


    It’s the ideal tool for busy people, minimalists who care about their hair, and even those who enjoy hairstyling but not the everyday ritual of getting ready!

    It’s designed to follow you on the move or at home, allowing you to avoid loitering in front of the bathroom mirror or awkwardly standing at any available outlet.

    Touch-ups can be done anywhere: in your car, at the gym, or at work.

    On a full charge, the styler plus+ may last 45 minutes, giving you plenty of time to style your hair! The USB-C charging cord makes charging a breeze and takes only a few hours!

    A protective silicone sleeve is included.

    It can be used as a curling wand or a straightener.

    It may flip ends, add volume to the roots, crimp hair, and straighten hair when used as a flat iron. It can generate everything from barely there waves to voluminous curls when used as a curling wand.

    On surfaces, the sleek white or black variants look fantastic!

    The plus+ styler is dual-voltage (100-240V). No more worrying about blowing a fuse while on vacation!

    Titanium plates are used in our cordless hair straightener. It takes a few minutes to get the styler plus+ to your desired temperature. The plates can style hair in minutes and have a wide temperature range  (200-450ºF).


    Belisa 1″ Cordless Curling Wand – No Clip


    Belisa by Lunata, like all Lunata tools, is designed to give you as much freedom as possible. The tools are designed to fit in your bag and be used on the move at your hotel, office, or gym without the need to find a power outlet.

    You don’t have to put your style on hold thanks to WWC (works while charging) technology. Simply plug it in and continue styling as usual!

    The iron and wand are dual voltage and have a 1-inch barrel, even without the added adaptability of WWC.

    The 1-inch barrel is ideal for a wide range of hair lengths and styles, from ringlets to loose textured strands.

    It has titanium barrels and a temperature range of 200-400oF that may be adjusted. The titanium heats up rapidly, retains heat well, and can be customized to your hair’s condition.

    If you’ve bleached or colored your hair, keep the temperature lower, then when your hair is healthy, raise it to 350-400oF.

    Styling your hair doesn’t have to take as long because the barrel is so efficient at maintaining heat. You don’t have to do it every day; at the very least, retain your wavy style for a day or two before restyling!

    Both tools are elegant additions to your vanity, suitcase, or tote bag, and come in matte black or white high gloss.

    Curling Iron With Clip, Cordless


    The iron heats up to 400°F, lasts up to 35 minutes, and uses WWC technology to work while plugged in. They’re available now at Lunata Beauty!

    Both tools are quite useful, but having both is much better!

    If you like your hair in waves, having a wand and curling iron is a smart idea. For more defined and refined curls, a curling iron is a terrific option. You may wear these Hollywood curls or tight ringlets to work, dinner, or a ladies’ night out.

    Everything looks better with a clip. If you have short layers or short hair, the clip is a terrific method to catch those tricky parts without accidentally singeing your fingers!

    The wand is better for generating more laid-back appearances. Natural hairstyles like gently tousled hair and beach waves are easier to achieve with a wand, and they don’t require the use of a brush!

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