4 Cool Hairstyles For Long Hair!

    Sideswept Waves With a Side Braid

    Here you will learn how to create four cool hairstyles for long hair.

    Sideswept Waves With a Side Braid

    Red Carpet Hairstyle How To: Urban Glam - Sideswept Waves With a Side Braid

    A different look you can do on your hair with the Day Two Curl Set.

    I’ve already had my hair previously set. Now I’m gonna do a different look with this and I’m gonna incorporate the braid.

    I’m gonna go ahead and create a section, starting from my existing part.

    I’m gonna clip the larger section of hair away. Eith my small side section, I’m gonna go ahead and add Braid Aid 03 to it, from roots to ends.

    That way is gonna give me complete control and that little bit of slip.

    See the best hair tools!

    The choice of braiding I’m gonna do is a simple three strand braid.

    Starting at the temple area I’m going to continue it around my head.

    We’re gonna finish off that braid with a little elastic.

    I’ve just secured my braid and I’m gonna go ahead and wrap it around the back of my head, securing it down with bobby pins.

    I’m gonna smooth down any flyaways, using Forcefull 23.

    A hot tip – to get full control, you want to be able to use a little bit of spray on your fingers what will clean up any flyaways.

    To finish off my look, I’m gonna use the Frizz Dismiss Instant Deflate. I’m gonna go ahead and smooth it through just to break up any of the existing curl.

    Calm down any of the frizz that could still be remaining in my hair.

    And there you have it.

    A really quick and easy way to transition from a Hollywood way to more of a rock and roll downtown kind of feel, just by adding a simple braid.

    Sideswept Waves With a Side Braid

    Twisted Ponytail

    Red Carpet Hairstyle How To: Twisted Ponytail

    I want to show you a really cool hairstyle. It’s not quite a twist and it’s not quite a ponytail. It’s kind of somewhere in between and it can be dressed up or dressed down.

    We’re gonna start out by creating a side part and the way I like to do that is let it tell me where it wants to go. I’m just gonna sort of comb everything back, see where it wants to fall .

    In order to get rid of some of these flyaways I’m seeing, I have this cool little trick that I like to do. I’m going to take Fashion Work 12 and I’m gonna spray a little bit of it on top of my brush and this is going to allow all those bristles to grab all the flyaways and smooth them right out.

    Using my brush I’m just gonna flatten everything down and really make it sleek.

    Once you’ve got that all smoothed out, we gonna section out the top of your hair. I like to use my thumbs and come in from the top of my ears and just draw a line straight back around my head until my thumbs touch. All that hair I’m going to section ask out of the way.

    The remaining hair that’s down, put that in half, apply Powder Grip 03 to the whole root area in the back. Make sure you have even coverage. This is going to create enough texture at the roots so that your bobby pins don’t slide out.

    Once you’ve got that, just work it in with your fingers. Let all the rest of the hair down.

    I’m gathering it all up into a ponytail, moving out all the flyaways and any extra bits of hair that want to fall down.

    I’m sort of gathering it at my occipital bone, that bone in the back of your head, near your ears, a little bit higher than you would think.

    Once you’ve got that ponytail in, smooth it out a little bit more with your brush.

    Once you’ve got it nice and smooth, then you’re going to start to twist.

    Holding the base of the ponytail, keep twisting and twisting until the base of the ponytail starts to create almost an upside-down French twist.

    Roll it nice and tight against the back of your head. Holding the base, you’re gonna use some French hair pins and just glide the leg side along the back of the twist, until you find the crease and then flip the pin over and point the legs in toward your head and push it.

    You might want to start at the bottom with the first pin, grabbing any hairs at the nape of your neck that might have dropped down and then almost like you’re creating a seam, just repeat all the way up the twist, so you can lock it in.

    Again you place the legs in, facing the twist and then flip them over so the legs go in toward your head and then push into the twist. Secure it.

    Now that we’re all done in the back, I want to bring my fringe down just a little bit and get a little bit more of a swoop.

    A little bit more of Fashion Work, just so it stays out of my eyes.

    I want to finish off with a little bit of Diamond Oil Spray to give it a little extra glisten.

    There we have it, super easy, not quite a twist not quite a pony.

    Twisted Ponytail

    Polished Waves

    Red Carpet Hairstyles Tutorial: Polished Waves

    I just saw a great look from tonight’s red carpet that I would love to share with you.

    It was off-center, slight side part, polished large wave.

    I’m going to show you how you can recreate that keeping it very shiny but with a lot of movement.

    To prep my hair, I’m going to use a dry shampoo which is Redken Pillow Proof Two Day Extender, which is
    fantastic for giving it body and a little bit of thickness as well, but it feels really soft to the touch.

    I’m just going in at the roots, just misting very gently. With your hands just lightly ruffle and you can see you got instant volume with this.

    Again just lift slightly, mist the roots and shake. Especially work through that hairline area where your hair is going to get hot and that way your hair will get a bit flatter, so you really want to ensure that you’re soaking up any kind of oil through that area and gently just brush through all over.

    When you’re working through, you really don’t want to take too small section. You want to use larger sections and you’ll create the bigger large wave all the way through.

    I’m going to use Fashion Work 12, which is an excellent light hairspray but it gives you just enough hold and the perfect amount of shine to really hold that wave.

    I’m gonna take my first section, just right at the side, because this is where some of the shorter pieces are and you want to just create that perfect large wave.

    Misting from about 10 to 12 inches away from the face because you really just want to have a little grub to the hair there and just very slightly holding on for a couple of seconds and then down.

    Now I’m going to work on my next section just right behind.

    Again you’re not trying to make perfect sections and you don’t want the sections to be too small, otherwise you’re going to get too much of a wave to curl and we want to just create the perfect large wave.

    To finish, I brushed all the way through to give it that polished wave feel and then use the Redken Fashion Work 12 to give it extra hold and the ultimate shine.

    Polished Waves

    Half Up Pompadour

    Red Carpet Hairstyle How To: Half Up Pompadour

    I’m really feeling this half up pomp look I saw on the red carpet. Let’s recreate it.

    I started my blow-dry with Diamond Oil Glow Dry for some killer shine.

    I’m gonna grab a section that resembles a triangle, nothing too perfect. Take my neck section by using my pointer fingers, take my next section by using point fingers, placing at my temples, I’m just dragging them to the top of my head.

    When they meet, I’m gonna separate the hair. I’m gonna use a flat brush to get all the bumps out.

    Grab a hair tie to secure this section.

    I gonna lock in my style what Triple Take 32.

    I’m gonna release my top piece and then I’m gonna use Quick Tease 15, so that when I go in and tease it, it actually stays in.

    I’m gonna go for my flat brush again and this time instead of smoothing, I’m actually gonna use it to put texture and volume into my hair so that’s a pomp stays up.

    Notice how I’m pushing more than really teasing.

    Little more Triple Take, take your bobby pin, make sure the toe part is pointing down towards your head. You can see with one pin it’s pretty much in there. I’ll just do one more for safe measure.

    Finish it up with some Triple Take and I’m pretty pomped up.

    Half Up Pompadour

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