Chin Length Wavy Bob Haircut

    Everything You Need To Know About Maintaining A Bob Haircut | The Backbar | By L'Oreal

    For those who’ve been wearing their hair in a longer bob for some time now, this haircut is a great transition to freshen up your look and try something new.

    Here I talk about this trendy chin-length bob.

    Bella is here to refresh her haircut. Her haircut was once chin-length and is now a little overgrown. Bella’s last cut was about eight weeks ago, which is probably the longest that you should go in between haircuts when your goal is to keep a really clean cut chin length bob.

    Starting in the back, I’m making sure to cut the hair above the top of the spinal bone, that area that slightly protrudes out a little bit to avoid the hair kicking out at the back of her head.

    Bella has some hair growth patterns around her hairline that caused some hair to grow in different directions. I will use a razor to clean that up while working underneath the occipital bone the area in the back of the head that rounds out.

    I’m combing the hair down and cutting it right up against the neck to establish a strong perimeter for the rest of the haircut.

    Once I move up the head above this bone I’ll use my fingers to control the hair and to cut a clean and precise line. Leaving the very top section out, I’ll take vertical sections through the back and carve out weight with a razor to create space and movement in the hair adding texture to her one link.

    My goals are linked with his haircut is to avoid the end slipping out on her and to avoid her hair ever touching her shoulders and the eight weeks in between her next cut.

    Chin Length Wavy Bob Haircut

    Now moving on to the sides. I’ll connect them to the back by cutting them standing square to her shoulder and removing weight with a razor here as well.

    If my client had more texture or curl that they wanted to bring out, I may add in some layering as well. A fringe would also be a fun way to change up the look of this chin length haircut.

    To style Bella’s hair smooth with some volume, I’m using L’Oreal Professionnel volume envy extra from the Tecni.Art line at the roots and list control through the ads.

    I want to blow dry her hair straight so that I can go back and refine the haircut and add a little bit more texture through her ends, which will help her with styling her hair on her own.

    Cordless Hair Tools

    I’m definitely noticing an increase in requests for this chic, shorter length bob. For those who have been wearing their hair and a longer bob for some time.

    Now this haircut is a great transition to freshen up your look and try something new.

    Once her haircut looks great straight, I went in with a flat iron to create some waves to show Bella another way that this haircut can be styled to show versatility.

    I use a flat iron to do this style because I think for some people, it’s a little easier to use than a curling iron, and I wanted to show my client a simple way that she can change her look when she styling her hair on her own.

    So you can see that we only took off about an inch and a half of her length. But it makes such a big difference in the overall look of this haircut. I really hope you enjoyed my version of this haircut.

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