Best Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron!

    good quality hair straightener

    Today I’m super excited because I’m gonna be talking about the best ceramic tourmaline ionic flat iron.

    This hair straightener came at a perfect time because my old straightener has just not been doing what I want it to do and I’ve had it for about a year now and it costs about $65.

    It just takes a lot of time to straighten my hair with that old straightener, even when I put it on a high setting and it goes up to 450 degrees or something like that. And I’m going over my hair so many times, which is really damaging for my hair, which is already really fine and thin and damaged. So it’s just not very good for straightening.

    I was debating if I should get something that’s a little more high-end and if it’s worth it. Is it just the marketing of people putting high prices on these hair styling tools?

    I wanted to do my own research to see if I can find a hair straightener that was actually worth the splurge.

    I got contacted by NuMe, which is a hair styling company and they have hair straighteners, blow dryers, curlers, all that good stuff.

    I’m sure if you’ve been on YouTube for a while you’ve heard of NuMe. It’s a big name and lots of people rave about it.

    NuMe sent me this hair straightener.

    ceramic tourmaline ionic flat iron

    They let me go on their website to pick which one I wanted. So based off of the reviews, that’s how I made my decision.

    Review of The Best Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron

    This one had really good reviews and it was raved about a lot. This one is called the Megastar and this one is a 100% ceramic tourmaline, which is awesome because ceramic and tourmaline are much better for your hair.

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    It came in a really cool package. The straightener is really nice and sleek and looks very professional.

    It has a digital screen and it has three buttons underneath the screen to lower it or to higher it and then the power button is right in the center.

    All you have to do is just plug it in and then you click on the power button and it literally heats up in seconds, which is crazy because my other one takes at least 30 seconds to a minute. It takes a while to heat up, but this one does not. Literally within seconds Megastar is ready to go.

    It starts at 190 F degrees but it can go all the way up to 450 F degrees . It’s a very good range and literally it can get to 450 F in just a couple seconds.

    The iron also has an integrated far infrared heat strip that sends a gentle heat directly to the hair follicle and also out to the cuticle to protect strands over time. This is really helping your hair to be smooth.


    The biggest thing that was so impressive with this flat iron is that it makes your hair really shiny.

    I deal with so much frizz and because my hair is more on the finer and thinner side, it really helps to have something that will help with frizz, because I get so much frizz, it’s ridiculous.

    My other straightener doesn’t get rid of the frizz. If anything, it kind of makes it worse, which I don’t know how it’s possible, because you’re straightening your hair.

    But Megastar ceramic tourmaline ionic flat iron makes it really smooth, it’s almost like you have oil inside and it is really closing the hair follicle.

    megastar straightener packaging

    Overall my first impressions was “oh my gosh”, this is really impressive.

    It has an auto turn off, which is very helpful, so it’ll auto turn off in an hour, which is awesome because I am super forgetful and a lot of times I forget to turn off my straightener.

    The Megastar iron also has a negative ion conditioning technology, which is another pretty cool feature. It helps to maintain moisture and eliminates frizz by sealing the hair follicle. And that’s exactly what it does with my hair. It makes it so much more shinier and that’s what a straightener is supposed to do.

    This tool also has 1-inch floating plates to make sure that it glides smoothly without catching or pulling at the hair which is particularly good for someone with curly hair.

    best tourmaline ceramic flat iron

    The fact that this straightener was able to make my frizzy and damaged hair so smooth and look like I put oil in my hair, I was so impressed. I have not experienced that with any straightener before.

    Another thing that was really impressive is that it straightens your hair so well that the next day, when I wake up usually my hair is crazy frizzy, like poofy hair, but when I use this flat iron and I wake up the next morning, my hair was still straight.

    Yes that’s true. It straightens your hair so well that my hair the next morning was still straight and it was still flat and it still looked shiny, which was crazy.

    This is dual voltage flat iron so you can use it abroad with just an adapter and no need for a converter.

    Two other great features are fully rotating 8 ft, 9 in swivel power cord and ergonomic design with soft touch finish.

    Final Thoughts About Megastar  Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron

    good quality hair straightener

    This is very impressive tool and I’m just very impressed. I think it’s awesome and it has definitely trumped my view of just purchasing lower end hair tools.

    I think they did a great job and you convinced NuMe, it’s worth splurging on hair tools.

    If you want to check any of their other hair products, they have other hair straighteners, they have blow dryers, they have curling irons, you can go to their website here.

    It’s also good to know that if your tool does not function properly past the 90-Day Guarantee, you may replace it under the 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

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