Best Way to Take Care of Colored Hair


    Hey everyone, my name is Kimberly King. And I’m a salon owner, hairstylist, and national brand educator for Kerastase.

    I am so excited to talk to you today about peristalsis biggest launch of Kérastase Chroma Absolu.

    So who is Chroma Absolu for?

    Chroma Absolu is for anybody who was color treating their hair.

    On color-treated hair, damage is going to be dull, frizzy. The texture is possibly changed or has become rougher.

    It’s taking a little bit longer to blow dry than usual. You are ending up with unwanted red or copper tones on your brunette color. And then also that color is fading really quickly between color services.

    Three main ingredients that are going to help with all of those things are three different acids.

    And amino acid is going to help rebuild that hair fiber from the inside out.

    Lactic acid acts as a very gentle exfoliant and also helps kind of seal the surface of that hair to help it reflect and show more shine.

    And then lastly, tartaric acid. And that’s going to help reduce that oxidative stress that happens and that’s where you get those unwanted toxins.

    So next I’m going to show you my model.

    Best Way to Take Care of Colored Hair

    And I’m going to tell you which products I’m going to use on her and why. And then I’ll let you see the finished look.

    And this is my friend Megan who’s also one of my corporate clients. As you can see Megan’s hair is color-treated. It’s a little bit frizzy. And it’s a little bit dull.

    And so this line is going to be absolutely amazing for her hair texture. And you’ll be able to see an abundance of shine once we’re all done.

    So I’m going to shampoo her with the Bain Chroma Riche Respect because she does have thicker density hair.

    And it’s a little bit coarse. So I’m going to use the Riche on her. Well, within the Chroma Absolu Line.

    There are two shampoos. The first shampoo is going to be the Bain Chroma Respect. Now this is going to be for your fine or medium haired clients, someone who doesn’t have a lot of natural texture.

    The other one is the Bain Riche Chroma Respect. And this is going to be for that medium to coarse, thicker, frizzier textured hair.

    I’m going to follow that up with the Masque Chroma Filler.

    So this mask is going to be super nice and moisturizing, and really, really give some nice shine. So that course frizzy, thick, textured hair.

    We also have this really really exciting Soin Acide Chroma Gloss. So this is a treatment for sensitized hair.

    And it will really help seal down that cuticle, smooth everything out, help and this is where those acids are. So it’s going to really help from the inside out, kind of repair that damage that can be done during color service.

    So you would use this instead of conditioner. So you shampoo and then leave the hair fairly wet. And then apply this right over the top.

    Cordless Flat Iron and Curling Wand/Iron (USB Rechargeable)

    Let it sit for a few minutes and then rinse it completely out. And then of course once we get back to my chair and styling her, we’re going to use the Thermique for that heat protection and an added shine.

    Although I don’t recommend using degrees of heat on your hair, however, it will protect up to that temperature.

    So this is really going to be for that sensitized, damaged color-treated hair as for heat protectant and sort of that like leave-in conditioner to help repair and add that extra moisture after your shampoo.

    In addition, we just finished our blow dry here with Megan. And I did use the Thermique on her before putting in the blow dry.

    I have not used a flat iron or curling iron, just a round brush. But already you can see the amazing amount of smoothness that we were able to achieve and the shine and her color.

    And let me tell you, this hair feels so soft, you guys. And the scent is absolutely amazing.

    So again, we did use the Bain Riche, the richer formula shampoo on her which is going to be for that medium to coarse density hair, the mask, and then followed up with that Thermique.

    So you can see for yourself how amazing these results are and that shine and that reflection and just the smoothness she was able to get from them.

    Alright, so I hope you guys absolutely love those results. And I was able to answer some of the questions that you may have about the brand new Chroma Absolu.

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