Best Hair Drying Towel

    best hair drying towel

    If you are looking for the best hair drying towel, then you have come to the right place!

    best hair drying towel

    Here are four huge benefits you get with Miracle Brand towel:

    • Fast Drying – it dries twice as fast as a regular towel.
    • Maximum Absorbency
    • 3x Less Laundry
    • No More Odors, No More Musty Towels

    Regular towels are a breeding ground for microbes which cause odors, after just a few uses.

    Miracle towels are infused with natural anti-bacterial silver fibers that eliminate 99.9% of bacteria. This process is called ionization and was developed by NASA!

    hair drying towel

    Silver ions have a positive charge that connects to bacteria and destroys 99.9% them, before they have a chance to reproduce.

    They dry twice as fast as a typical towel, and they are generously sized.

    The Miracle Brand towels are made of luxuriously soft supima cotton. They are thick and plush yet soft to the touch. The edges are very sturdy and well made.

    I’ve truly seen a difference in how quickly the bath towels dry.

    For me, the huge benefit is that towels are resistant to bacteria to growth, and as a result, I can wash them less often, about 3x less often on average.

    best hair towel

    These towels are very absorbent and stay clean so much longer. The quality is excellent. They smell good after using them for weeks.

    They feel very good on the skin too!

    They are available in three colors: white, stone, sky blue.

    You get free shipping, 30-night trial and free returns if you don’t like them.

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    miracle towel

    How to Choose The Best Hair Drying Towel

    Getting out of the shower and being wrapped in a soft towel is a wonderful feeling. Towels are an essential element in your home, but it is not always easy to find the perfect towel.

    We mostly focus on color and design, but the most important thing is to know its composition.

    The main function of bath towels is to dry and to measure their absorbency, you have to look at their characteristics. The higher the density, the higher its absorbency.

    Soft and absorbent. These are the two basic qualities that any towel must meet, and they are closely related to the weight and composition of the towel.

    Best Antibacterial Towels, Silver-infused

    Beyond how pleasant and enveloping a thick, fluffy towel is, the grammage indicates the weight of the fabric per square meter: the greater the grammage, the higher the quality and, therefore, the greater the absorption capacity.

    Experts consider that a quality towel should have a grammage of between 450 and 500 grams/m2. This information is normally included on the towel label.

    The most suitable material. The vast majority of towels are made of 100% cotton, given the great absorption capacity of this natural fiber.

    Whenever possible, we should look for it to be combed cotton, since it has longer fibers and is softer and more absorbent.

    The quality of the towels is increased if the yarn with which they have been woven is double. This can be checked by pinching a loop in the piece and checking if the thread consists of one or two strands.

    Although cotton towels are the most popular, in recent times products with new compositions have been developed that seek to enhance certain aspects.

    This is the case, for example, of towels made with bamboo fibers, which provide an even softer touch while making them highly absorbent and giving them hypoallergenic and antibacterial characteristics.

    If we add to this that it is a natural fiber with rapid growth and sustainable development, it is not surprising that more and more products mix bamboo in their composition or are even made entirely with this raw material.

    Less common but to take into account for their excellent performance are towels made from linen, another natural fiber that not only increases the durability of the towels but also offers up to 20 percent better absorption than cotton.

    There are also artificial fiber towels made from regenerated cellulose that, despite not being well known, offer advantages such as absorption up to 50 percent higher than cotton and a smooth and shiny finish.

    Velvety touch. If you like your towels to be extremely soft, opt for a velor or velvet type.

    These are pieces in which the terry on one side have been cut to create a smooth and soft surface, thus highlighting the pattern they usually carry.

    Although this type of towel allows for very original and impressive designs, it must be taken into account that they are less absorbent than conventional towels since the fibers that compose it have been cut.

    Manufacturing techniques. In addition to the ranges of plain colors, there are also towels with various motifs and designs, whether printed or woven in the same piece. The latter are the so-called jacquard towels, in which the figures or drawings that decorate them have been generated during the weaving process, alternating fibers of different colors, so that they can be seen on both sides of the towel.

    They dry better and are much softer than printed towels, as the latter do not absorb humidity and are rougher in those areas of the towel where they have been printed with dyes.

    Styles. From an aesthetic point of view, the options to choose from are practically endless and cover all decorative styles. Plain and neutral colors are one of the most common choices, since they blend harmoniously and timelessly into any environment.

    However, we should not overlook the role that towels can play in bathroom decoration, as they can considerably brighten up a bathroom that is too aseptic or too small.

    Pay attention to the measurements. In the market you can find individual towels or in sets of different sizes. Sometimes, we choose one that is too small, so let’s review the different sizes that exist:

    • Dressing table, small: 30 x 50 cm
    • Washbasin: 50 x 100 cm
    • Shower: 70 x 140 cm
    • Bathroom, the largest: 100 x 150-160 cm

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