2021 Hair Trends (6 Looks)

    modern mullet

    So you want to know about 2021 hair trends?

    What do you expect to see?

    Let’s hop into some hairstyle trends in 2021!

    First of all, I got to preface this article by saying I don’t typically subscribe to the idea that you need to be focused on the trends, because if a trend doesn’t make sense for you or if it doesn’t look good on you, you shouldn’t do it just because it’s a trend.

    Maybe a Mohawk is a trend, but if you’re gonna look ridiculous in a Mohawk, and you’re not gonna feel confident, don’t do a Mohawk.

    With that said, there are trends, and I do think there are ways that you can adapt the trends to work for you, so that you stay current and still feel confident and love your hair.

    So in this article not only am I going to talk to you about trends, I’m also going to do what I don’t see people doing, which is give you insight on who these trends are for and how you can make them work for you.



    The first trend that you’re gonna see this year is a full-on mullet!

    I’m not talking about some modernized mullet. I’m talking about hardcore rocker mullets. They are like a thing this year!

    There are people that can wear them, and typically speaking, if you’re somebody that’s super edgy and you really like having that rock-star flare, now’s the time that you can get away with rocking a mullet and it can be kind of cool.

    A big part of what’s going to make sense, all of these trends, should be based a lot on the way you dress, the way you present yourself and if they make sense for that.

    If you go to a nine-to-five job where you need to be super corporate, but you still like the idea of rocking a mullet, we need to modernize that mullet or tame that mullet down a little bit so that you can still make it make sense with your nine-to-five job.

    modern mullet

    I don’t know if you’ve ever heard the saying, ‘don’t let the style where you, wear the style’.

    But don’t take off because I said mullet as my very first trend. There are plenty of trends coming up.


    gray hair

    Trend number two is all about going back to gray. Yes, gray hair is going to be a big thing. We saw that a bit last year, but it’s going to be really kind of moving forward into 2021.

    I think a lot of these trends, if I’m completely honest, are based around what went on with the social distancing and covid.

    So going gray is a big deal right now and I think it’s actually really cool thing, because it used to be the stereotype behind gray hair, the idea of aging and of being older.

    I think it was a very insecure or self-conscious thing for a lot of people to take that risk to be gray. And now we’re getting into a place where it shows a bit more of your confidence. It’s the confidence to go gray and a lot of us were pushed into that because you didn’t have a choice because you couldn’t see a stylist. But now they’re embracing that and going for it and I think that’s really cool.

    Who that’s going to be good for?

    First of all I think is going to be the person that is willing to set in that confidence, the willing to look at that and ignore the old stereotypes:

    “Hey, you know what, I can rock this gray hair and I don’t think it shows anything of the old stereotype of me being older. It shows me being confident, standing tall and rocking something that looks amazing.”

    Or you’re the type of person that just doesn’t want to have any sort of maintenance anymore. You’re sick of getting your hair color constantly, you’re sick of all of that, well then it’s perfect for you.

    Medium Length Hair

    Medium Length Hair

    The third trend that I think we’re gonna see a lot of this year is all about medium length hair and a lot of layering, especially layering in the front.

    We’ve seen a lot of the wavy, curly look for a long time. It’s been very popular and I don’t think that’s going anywhere. In fact I can almost promise you it’s not, but I think what we’ll see is a slight shift in that.

    We’re going to be seeing more stuff where it’s a looser wave, a little bit more of a natural wave that is relaxed and authentic.

    But mainly, with that front layers, the shorter ones, the kind of curtain bang length, coming back off the face. It’s got a throwback to the 70s, to Farrah Fawcett.

    Farrah Fawcett hair

    A lot of that look is gonna be really cool and I think a lot of people are gonna do it.

    The great thing about the curtain bang length and being brought off your face is, even if you decide to not go full force Farrah Fawcet, and try to bring it off your face, you’re still going to have a lot of versatility with these pieces, being a little bit shorter, not being so long and so heavy.

    Big Hair

    big hair

    The next trend is all about big hair. A textured version of the waves that are going on for the last couple of years. That big open loose wave. Think that but think much bigger!

    If you’ve got wavy hair or if you add a lot of wave to your hair, giving it a little bit more of a disheveled look, a little less polished and a little bit more volume and movement, that’s a great thing.

    Again I think that comes from the whole quarantine thing of people. Maybe just sleeping on their hair and waking up and having a lot of that movement and that bigger hair. That’s where this is all headed from. I think so.

    If you’ve got wave in your hair or you add wave with a curling iron or a flat iron just get it bigger and you’re good to go.

    There is one thing that I would pay attention to.

    If you’re a smaller framed person, especially with very thick hair or a lot of hair, you may want to be a little bit thoughtful of this trend, purely because if you’ve got too much hair and you’re smaller framed, it can end up being a scenario where your hair looks like it’s wearing you, it’s overpowering you. That might be something you want to think about.

    However, if you’re a smaller frame, you’ve got a lot of hair and you love to rock big hair, rock it if it makes you feel good, do it!

    Lot of Texture


    The next trend kind of piggybacks off of that, which is a lot of texture.

    When I say texture, what I mean is the natural texture.

    Some of us might look at it and go a little bit frizzy. Think about somebody with very curly hair and you go to bed, you wake up in the morning, you got a little bit of extra texture, and it’s not quite as polished, a lot of movement, that’s going to be a big trend.

    It lends itself again to a little bit more of that slept on disheveled look.

    It’s great for people that are struggling with a little bit of texture anyway (now just know that it’s a trend, you’re in style) and for people that have a lot of curl in their hair and a lot of movement in their hair already.

    If you’re a person that’s got longer, even mid length and one length hair, you might want to pay attention to this. Be a little bit shy of that trend, specifically because it can translate more like just frizz in your hair versus texture.

    This kind of style is great for people that have layers in their hair, have a lot of movement, have a lot of texture cut into their hair already and then you’re just allowing that to have a little bit more of a slept on your disheveled look.

    Home Haircuts

    The next trend that we started seeing during quarantine is home haircuts.

    A lot of people turn to doing their hair at home.

    A lot of people are going to YouTube and they are finding cuts. A lot of the home haircut stuff is about blunt cuts and some really terrible layering that you need to be careful of.

    Blunt one length bobs became a bit of a trend and they’re becoming a trend in 2021.

    Blunt one length bob

    But furthermore, not just speaking of bobs, shorter cuts in general, really short, funky cuts are a thing now.

    short haircut

    You do want to pay attention to the bobs. Who are they for?

    If you’ve got really, really thick hair or really curly thick hair, you would probably want to stay away from those really trendy one-length bobs because it’s going to look like a huge triangle on you.

    They suit best for people with a little bit of wave and texture in their hair, a tiny bit or medium texture straighter hair. Not super thin or fine hair either because that can tend to look flat and not really have any sort of movement or shape.

    You want to be aware of what texture your hair is before you go into a blunt one length bob.

    Same thing goes with shorter hair. When you’re going super short, you want to first be sure that you’re going to be comfortable wearing short because if you’re uncomfortable having hair that short, regardless if it’s a trend, it can still end up being uncomfortable and not quite looking right on you because you’re not wearing it.

    So keep that in mind but short hair is definitely a thing.

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